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Welcome to the April Seaboarder!
~April Fools/Kinnus Recap Edition~

Keep An Eye Out For...
  Words from One of Our Kinnus Co-Chairs      
By Nathan Moskowitz      
Kinnus Comments        
By Shayna Davis, Joe Rubin, Lily Pollack, and Josh Kalman    
מילים עם סיבור: Words with Seaboard 
Parents' Corner  
Ask a Staff!
  USY & Kadima Kings Dominion Day 2017
Grades 6-12
April 22, 2018
Kings Dominion Amusement Park
Grades 8-12
May 25-29, 2018                                                 
Camp Louise in Cascade, MD

Grades 6-12
August 20-26, 2018
Capital Camps, Waynesboro, PA
Words from One of Our Kinnus Co-Chairs     
By Nathan Moskowitz, Kinnus Co-Chair & CuBsEy Executive Vice-President
You've spent months planning for these 14 hours. Every program, every icebreaker, every group name--you have this night planned perfectly. You arrive early with the Regional Executive Board (REB) and your co-chair, spending the day preparing. Then as everyone starts to arrive, you cannot contain your excitement. This is the experience of a co-chair.
    The best part of co-chairing is seeing your ideas come to life as they impact USYers from across the region. As co-chair, I had many responsibilities, such as creating group names for various programs.
If I were to repeat my co-chairing experience, I would only change two things. First, I would want a more compatible schedule with my co-chair. Collaboration at meetings is very important in the planning process. Second, I would speak up more. The REB and Sasha almost never said no to my ideas. Although sometimes after a discussion, we decided other ideas would work better, my ideas were always considered. My advice for future chairs is as follows: always share your ideas with the group. Never just sit quietly and observe the meeting.
מילים עם סיבור
(Meleem Eem Seaboard: Words with Seaboard) 

          Phrase: הרחפת שלי מלאה בצלופחים ( Harahefet sh'eli mele'ah betzlofahim
Meaning: My hovercraft is full of eels. 
Example: Person 1: " הרחפת שלי מלאה בצלופחים"
Person 2: "No way!"
Person 1: "April Fools!!"

Congratulations to our 2018 USY & Kadima 
Basketball League Champions - Adas Israel Kadima and 
Ohr Kodesh / Tifereth Israel USY!


Thank you to all of our players, parents, coaches, and community members for another wonderful season!
Chapter Spotlight
  Check Out What's Happening in Chapters Across Seaboard!
  Last month, Congregation Beth Emeth had their monthly Sweets and Smiles Hang Out!  
Let's see what Chapter President, Joe Rubin has to say about the event!
"At our Hang Out we cooked for our T.O. bake sale, made Hillel sandwiches out of candy, played trivia, wrote complement notes to hand out, played board games, colored, and had ziti for dinner!! We wanted this event to be relaxing and stress relieving after a hard week of school."


For more than 55 years USY Summer Experience has provided life-changing summer travel opportunities.

Our trip destinations include North America, Israel, Europe, and beyond, opening participants eyes to new places, experiences, and different cultures all over the globe.

Now it's your turn, see where it takes you!

Kinnus Comments
We asked some of our USYers about our 14 hour-long, up-all-night Kinnus event and here is what they said!  
What made you laugh the hardest at Kinnus? 


"Kinnus was filled with some times I will never forget, like hiding in a coat room to play hide n' seek or eating breakfast when everyone is half asleep but Joe Rubin is still smiling and laughing! Mid-Winter Kinnus was such a fun weekend filled with laughs, smiles, and friendship!!!" Shayna Davis, Class of 2021


What kinds of crazy things did you say because you were so tired?


  "I would be a good turkey because I'm loud and obnoxious and I run away from everything..." Lily Pollack, Class of 2019 
Kings Dominion Day 2016                                      Spring Convention 2017        
Parents' Corner
    By David Pearlman, Class of 2018 
Ever since fifth grade I've loved playing basketball. It seems like a relatively normal activity, but playing around and shooting hoops with friends is something I love in general and has become something I look forward to at each convention. Every chofesh (free time), my friends and I head over to the basketball court for a game of basketball. Playing basketball at USY is an interesting experience because you get to see your USY friends in a context you don't normally. I know that I act very differently when I'm playing basketball than when I'm relaxing with friends at convention. It's fun to see how competitive people who are normally relaxed (like myself) can get.
    During basketball last Maccabiah (an Encampment-wide competition), I was selected to be a captain. Being captain was tons of fun, but it also came with responsibility. I remembered the captains from my freshmen year made sure that they shared the ball and let everyone have fun instead of only keeping it to themselves. I did my best to resemble them, as I made sure everyone got to play. Of course, going up against my good friends in the finals, I really wanted to win, but you can still be a fair captain while playing to win!     
Ask a Staff!
By Bonnie Prissman
We asked Bonnie about her funniest memories from staffing a convention, and 
here is what she said!

The funniest moments from my staffing experience are when it hits a certain hour of the night and we become loopy.  This is when we as staff become "teenagers" ourselves and the littlest things become overly funny (while still being responsible, of course).  

From peppermint patties flying across the staff lounge, to chasing USYers that thought it would be funny to sneak out after curfew, to riding luggage carts through the hotel lobby, and so much more, there is nothing that I would give up. I hope that the Class of 2018 plans to come back, so we can all create more funny memories together as staff!

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Chapter Spotlight
  Check Out What's Happening in Chapters Across Seaboard!
Beth Meyer recently had their Super Jewathon! 
Let's take a closer look with Chapter President, Max Halbrecht. 
"Our chapter split up into two teams for our medieval themed Jewathon. We played capture the flag and manhunt on our main campus. Then, we took both teams in vans up to a cabin in the mountains. On the way we had lots of car activities, and then played pictionary at the cabin. We had a campfire outside and ice cream inside. On the way home we stopped in Winston-Salem and went on a scavenger hunt across the downtown area. Everyone had fun and we had a great turnout for the event, bringing in new members who have never been to a USY event before."
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Kinnus Comments    
      What was your favorite up all night memory? 

"Playing jungle speed at 3AM was the definitely the best part." Joe Rubin, Class of 2020 

  What was your favorite part about Kinnus?
y favorite part was sitting around with all my friends I rarely get to see and listening to music and especially when they started to play country music. It was nice just to hang out with them." Josh Kalman, Class of 2018 
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