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A family sits next to their disaster preparedness supplies while they review emergency exit plans.

September 2023 Newsletter

Disaster resilience: What is it and why is it important?

It isn’t a question of if, but when. The reality of the world we live in is that a disaster or emergency will happen. People with disabilities can be especially hard hit when these events occur.

It's important to think ahead about accessible transportation that can help you leave your home if needed, and to have a "go bag" with phone numbers, medications, equipment and other items that are critical for your health.


September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, a good time to take responsibility and create your own disaster plan so you’re ready for any storm that comes. When you plan ahead, you can more readily get past these events. That's called disaster resiliency.

How can you become more disaster resilient? One way is to use our free Emergency Ready Sheet. Just enter all the information you might need in a disaster and then print it out to put in your "go bag."

For more tips and resources, read our latest blog post on being disaster ready.

Texas heritage is Hispanic heritage

September 15 kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the richness of our state's culture.

When considering those who are Hispanic and have a disability, the words of Vincenzo Piscopo, CEO of United Spinal Association and a Hispanic person with a disability, are an important reminder for this month:

"People with disabilities should be able to live as independently as possible—for Hispanic people with disabilities, independent living is also contingent on being able to live a life as free as possible from racism and xenophobia...This Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s pledge to do the work that expands the definition of freedom to match the lived reality of everyone in our communities—and replaces stigma and internalized ableism and racism with pride."

Mr. Piscopo, we agree.

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