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Don't miss our Thinking Money for Kids exhibit at the Farmington Public Library now through Thursday, March 19. You can schedule a Library Adventure for your school group or organization on the library events calendar now!
Thinking Money for Kids is a multimedia experience for children ages 7 to 11 uses games, activities, and a fun storyline to help children understand what money is and how to save. The exhibit will be on display at Farmington Public Library along with a series of related special events that will connect kids, parents, caregivers and educators with the exhibit. 
Join us at Guys Read on Saturday, March 7 and learn "Finance 101." Create a wallet while you learn how to budget during our Art Shop on Sunday, March 8. (More details below.) Discover even more Thinking Money for Kids events on our library events calendar.  
Thinking Money for Kids was developed by the American Library Association Public Programs Office in collaboration with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, whose support made this exhibition possible.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Stories, songs, and movement
10:30 AM - Babies and Toddlers, age 0-3
10:50 AM - Preschool, age 3-5
STEM activities and interactive play
10:30 AM - Preschool
10:50 AM - Babies and Toddlers
TMFK, Thinking Money for Kids, Storytime will use children’s books to help families talk about and discover money skills, problem solving, sharing, and learn money concepts through reading, writing, playing, singing and talking! 

Week of March 2 : Sheep in a Shop
The "lovable muttonheads" are off to the store in search of the perfect birthday gift, what will they buy?

Week of March 9 : Curious George Saves His Pennies
George loses his piggy bank at the toy store and learns about financial responsibility and saving.

Week of March 23 : It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, and Sing-along Nursery Rhymes
Fun and familiar nursery rhymes introduce children to the rhythms of language and reading while increasing children's memory and confidence.

Week of March 30 : Silly Goose’s Big Story, Silly Doggy!
Animal Antics! Goose how silly he's been and that his friends make terrific heroes! Lily looks out of her bedroom window, she finds the best surprise ever: her very own lost dog!
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Farmington Public Library Youth Services schedules no-school days, early release, and holiday programs and follows the Farmington Municipal School Calendar from September to May. Visit the library events calendar for program details.

Monday, Early Release @ 2:00 PM
March 2
  • Read Across America Storytime (all ages) Dr. Seuss Horse Museum

Meet The Cat in the Hat!
Read Across America Day, also known as Dr Seuss Day, is a yearly observance  in the USA inaugurated by the NEA (National Education Association). Dr. Seuss also known as, Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American artist, book publisher, animator, poet, a political cartoonist as well as an author. He is best known for authoring over 60 children’s books. Participants will learn how to draw a horse in a hands-on activity.

  • I Can Read Series Book Club, (Ages 5-8) “Read Across America”
  • Kids’ Movie

March 9
  • Storytime (all ages) American Girl
  • Today only! Enter to win Julie and/or Logan American Doll! (Drawing at 3pm)
  • I Can Read Series Book Club, (Ages 5-8) “The Busy Spring”
  •  Kids’ Movie

March 23
  • Storytime (all ages) Captain Underpants “Reading Gives You Superpowers”
  • I Can Read Series Book Club, (Ages 5-8) “Thinking Money for Kids”
  •  Kids’ Movie
March 30
  • Storytime (all ages) Comedy Club with Jokes and Riddles
Be a standup comedian (books available to read, or tell your own)
  • I Can Read Series Book Club, (Ages 5-8) “The Boxcar Children”
  •  Kids’ Movie

Spring Break MARCH 16-20
10:00 AM - Tween Minecraft & Ongoing Gaming (ages 8-12)
11:00 AM - STEM activities/crafts
Double movie matinee for kids
Tween Minecraft (ages 8-12)
1:00 PM - Girls Who Code (ages 8-12)
TMFK Spring Break Storytime (all ages) @ 10:30 AM

Hands-on financial literacy with the exhibit and money challenges
March 16       Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday
March 17       My Rows and Piles of Coins
March 18       How Much is That Doggie in the Window
March 19       Just Shopping with Mom
March 20       Jingle Dancer
Guys Read Charter (boys 8-12 years old)
11:00 AM to noon, Saturday, March 7
Established by children’s author Jon Scieszka. Guys will share a favorite book, and library staff will present FINANCE 101 for Kids: Money Lessons Children Cannot Afford to Miss in the multipurpose room and explore during the hands-on tour, followed by “deconstruction of a piggy bank.

  • How money started
  • How to earn and make money
  • Saving and investing
  • What credit is and the dangers of mishandling credit
  • What the stock market is
  • Economic forces that can affect personal finance
  • What currencies and foreign exchanges are
  • The importance of giving back to the community
The Art “Supply” Shop
1pm to 3pm, Sunday, March 8
Tour the exhibit and join us in the Art Shop, a family-focused, hands-on program that promotes financial literacy, decision-making, resourcefulness, and creativity. The program combines budgeting, process art, and project design. Kids answer the question, “What can I create with $5?” Provided with a “wallet” containing $5 in play money, participants browse the “art supply shop” for supplies to make their own masterpiece and check out on the register calculator. An extra $2 will be given to participants who show a library card.
Creativity abounds, but the key is the opportunity for children to gain experience planning, making choices, “purchasing” supplies, and working within a budget. Parents gain tools for facilitating conversations about finances. Participants can keep the supplies purchased with the play money. Limited to 50 participants, or while supplies last.  
During the week of Valentine’s Day, storytime participants toured the library and collected valentines from the staff, at the annual Tippie Toe Parade. 
Money, Money, Money …Check out our online card catalog for featured titles you might enjoy before or after visiting our Thinking Money for Kids exhibit.
Curious George Saves  His Pennies
E PER M    
The Berenstain Bears Trouble
With Money

George, everyone’s favorite monkey loses his piggy bank at the toy store and learns about financial responsibility in the story.  

Brother and Sister Bear demonstrate the basic concepts of banks and interest while spending their allowance money in The Berenstain Bears' Trouble with Money.

Don't miss our 50 th Annual Earth Day celebration for Make.Do on Saturday, April 18.