That starts with food!
     If you have a hungry teenager in your house,
you know how easy it is for a fully stocked pantry and refrigerator to get cleaned out when a couple friends come over for just one afternoon.  Imagine 12 ravenous, growing boys - each day, every meal, every snack, every gulp,... ALL YEAR LONG?  

The half-century-old kitchen at Hunterdon Youth Services is ill-equipped to meet the demands that preparing and serving 7000 annual meals place upon it. Don't misunderstand - nobody goes hungry. Everyone gets plenty to eat at our Sand Hill Road kitchen. It's just that it IS difficult to keep everyone happy all the time and for everyone to eat together.  Not when we've had to fight such historic battles with our appliances and an inefficient layout. For much of the time only one of our home's four burners felt like working on the range. Rarely did both ovens respond to controls, randomly cycling between baking and broiling as if possessed.

We recognize the need to provide good nutrition in order to fuel a healthy lifestyle during these formative years. Offering a more appealing and appetizing environment at mealtime for our guys represents a significant upgrade. Would you help us make the needed improvements to our kitchen by visiting our crowdfunding site and making a generous donation?

Please go to the StartSomeGood website by clicking HERE and making a contribution to the "Rebuilding Our Lives and Our Kitchen" campaign. Every tax-deductible gift, small and large, will help us get closer to achieving our goal before the end of the year.  Thank You.
Holiday Open House
                   A wonderful time was had by all at the HYS Holiday Open House on December 2.  The house never looked better with the newly trimmed tree and and holiday decorations dressing everything up a bit beyond the normal. Our handsome residents were all decked out in their holiday best, too.  They all anxiously awaited the feast promised by the wonderful aromas that had filled the house all day.  

Everyone pitched in by bringing a favorite dish, preparing food, rearranging furniture, setting out all the delicious platters of food and drink or volunteering to be the first to taste a new culinary creation coming out of the kitchen: Buffalo wings (that "flew" away before they could be put down), broccoli-cheddar casserole, marscapone covered brie with candied fruit and nuts, cranberry meatballs, beans and rice..... just some highlights from the panoply of plenty that filled every inch of table space.  

A highlight of the evening was the early opening of gifts and stocking-stuffers as staff, volunteers, friends, neighbors and board members cheered the boys on.  We all enjoyed a special Christmas karaoke selection, as well.  Everyone was into the Christmas spirit.

All of us here at HYS wish you and yours peace and joy for the holidays and a happy and healthy 2017. 

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