An architect's illustration of the proposed Twin Cities German Immersion School expansion, looking roughly northwest from Como Ave. and Argyle.
Votes Support School's Expansion Variances
A standing-room only crowd of more than 200 voted on the school's variance requests.
At a meeting attended by more than 200 people, District 10's Land Use Committee voted Dec. 5 to recommend approval of all three variances that Twin Cities German Immersion School is seeking for its proposed expansion. Details of the variances
  • Lot coverage. The committee recommended allowing the school to increase its footprint to 36 percent of its property. Current zoning allows for maximum lot coverage of 35 percent.
  • Height. The committee recommended allowing the school addition, which would replace the former Saint Andrew's church building, to reach 33 feet, 1 inch. Current zoning allows for a maximum height of 30 feet.
  • Parking. The committee recommended allowing a 37-space parking variance. The school's site plan accounts for only 50 of the 87 off-street parking spaces that current zoning requires.
The recommendations by District 10 community members came during a 2-1/2 hour meeting that was moved to Mission Orthodox Presbyterian Church to accommodate the standing-room-only crowd. The Land Use Committee's recommendations now go to the full District 10 board, which will vote on the variances at its regular monthly meeting Dec. 18. The district council votes are advisory; ultimately, the city's Planning Commission can accept or reject the district council's recommendations.
Your Last Chance to Return the Favor 
This Tuesday, Dec. 11, is the deadline for you to nominate local individuals or organizations to add to Saint Paul's Neighborhood Honor Roll. The annual, citywide award recognizes members of District 10 who make a sustained and lasting impact on the quality of life in Como and the city.

To nominate someone:  Email us . Give us a short list of reasons they should be honored for making Como a better place to live, work, or play. The District 10 Board will select nominees at its Dec. 18 meeting. 
What Matters Most to You? 
What do you think about Como -- the good, the not-so-good, what you'd keep, what you'd change. A new survey gives you the chance to voice  your opinions and ideas about neighborhood trends, amenities, issues, characteristics, and possibilities. The goal: Give the Como Community Council a better understanding of how, where, and why to prioritize (or re-prioritize) goals and work for 2019 and beyond. Take the survey
Make It All Better 
Does your family attend the New Year's Eve or New Year's Day " Noon Year's" activities at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory? If so, organizers want to know what they can do to improve the event. Take their survey
Don't Sabotage Your Trash, Recycling Pickup

Winter brings all kinds of additional headaches, including dealing with your trash and recycling. Some advice from Saint Paul Public Works:

  • In winter (or anytime of year), place your carts at the edge of your alley or curb. Leave 2 feet of space between carts and between the carts and other objects: your garage, a fence, a car, a tree, a mailbox -- or a snow bank. This is to make sure equipment and crews can reach your cart easily.
  • Do not leave your carts on a snow bank, behind a snow bank, in a snow bank -- or in a puddle of water, where they could freeze to the ground.
  • Don't put carts in the street. If they wind up in the path of a snowplow, guess which one loses...
  • If your alley is too icy or snow-packed, crews might not venture through. Some alleys, for example, might be inaccessible for one type of truck but not another.
Having a Party?
Make it easy for your guests to recycle this season: Put out a bag or bin to collect empty cans and bottles. Bonus points: Add a sign that says: "Bottles and Cans."

If you recycle your organics (and who doesn't in this neighborhood?), set out an organics recycling container, too. On this sign, say: "Food and Napkins." (If you use uncoated paper plates or certified compostable plates, expand the sign to read: "Food, Napkins and Plates." If you purchase compostable forks, spoons and knives, add "Utensils" to your sign.)

If you're having a really big party, you can borrow portable recycling and organics stands from District 10 for free. Just call us at 651-644-3880 (or email us); we'll reserve what you need.
This One Doesn't End Up on the Shelf
Saint Paul has released the official draft of "Saint Paul for All," its 2040 comprehensive plan. The plan establishes the principles (and in some cases, the specifics) that will guide city development for the next 20 years.

You can share your opinions on the plan in general, or on specific topics or focus areas, which include aging, health, economic development, racial and social equity, resiliency, and urban design.
This Weekend at the Fairgrounds 
  • Junior Olympics Gymnastics State Championship: Today-Sunday, Dec. 7-9, Warner Coliseum. Hours: Friday 2-10:30 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday, 7:50 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Admission: Adults, $15; students and seniors, $10; children 4 or younger, free.
Also Going On This Week
  • This Saturday, Dec. 8: Helping Hands shopping event, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., Bethel Lutheran Church, Wheelock Parkway and Maywood St. Free event for anyone in need, no questions asked.
  • This Sunday, Dec. 9: Second Sunday Concert, 2-3 p.m. Lyngblomsten's Newman-Benson Chapel, 1415 Almond. OboeBass performs "The Nutcracker" and other holiday music. Free
  • This Wednesday, Dec. 12: Public Meeting on Proposed 2019 Unified Budget and Levies (Metropolitan Council), 6 p.m. Council chambers, 390 N. Robert St.
  • This Thursday, Dec. 13: Books/Cheese/Wine, 5:30-7 p.m. Lyngblomsten's Community Room, 1415 Almond. Authors Cecelia MacDonald and Kathryn MacDonald Schneeman discuss "Running the Cobblestones." $6; reserve a spot by calling 651-632-5330.
  • Next Sunday, Dec. 16: Messiah Sing Along, 3-5 p.m. Como Park Lutheran Church, 1376 Hoyt. Free
Reduce Your Risk of Package Theft

As the latest Como neighborhood crime update shows, this is peak season for package thefts. Here's how to reduce chances of having your online shipments disappear before you pull them off your porch:

  • Don't shop online; make your purchases from a retail store instead.
  • Don't have packages delivered to your home. Instead, have them delivered to your workplace, or to a relative or neighbor who is home during the day.
  • Have packages delivered to a local post office or to a nearby shipping center. UPS, Fed Ex, and Amazon all have customer service centers or secured lockers within a 15-minute drive of District 10.
  • If you must ship packages to your home, ask that the packages be dropped at your rear door or side door, where they are less visible. Also, request the "signature required" option if it is available when you order.
Spread the Word
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