Indianapolis, IN Workshop & Facilitator Training,
February 12 - 14
Join Veriditas Master Teacher Kay Mutert for the one-day workshop, Sacred Pattern, Sacred Path: Walking the Labyrinth, followed by the most comprehensive labyrinth facilitator training offered.

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BodySoul™ Rhythm work continues in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, April 4 - 8.

Guelph labyrinth







An awareness of "embodiment" is important to every person wanting to make a difference in the world. When we are embodied, our intuition and imagination are opened and available to us and to our community in new and profound ways. What does it feel like to be "embodied" and what is the process by which we can become more grounded in the body?


This Intensive combines two powerful experiential components: The Marion Woodman Foundation's BodySoul Rhythms™ work including movement, meditation and expressive art, developed by Mary Hamilton and Veriditas's work of consciously walking the labyrinth as spiritual practice, developed by Lauren Artress.



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Grace Cathedral Pilgrimage

Balancing the Chalice & the Sword

Chalice and Sword

February 4th - 5th,


In this time of sweeping change, as we strive to be conscious, balancing our masculine and feminine energy becomes an important goal. The challenge for each of us is to know when to be tender and when to be tough. If we are out of balance, we can have a "leaky" chalice and error toward ineffectual softness. If we wield our sword too much ("Off with their heads!") we can lose friends as well as important negotiations.


Join us to explore what it means in our lives to be able to hold the chalice and wield the sword effectively and walk the labyrinth toward balance.

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This urban pilgrimage will be followed by Veriditas Facilitator Training February 7th - 8th.

Come on pilgrimage this May!  Unique program offerings...

Chartres Interior Spring 2011

Cycle One, May 15 - 20. "Creating A Labyrinth in Chartres," France with Jeff Saward and Lauren Artress.

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Cycle One-A, May 18 - 20. "A Quest for Mystical Christianity" with Frank De Badrihaye and Judith Tripp.

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Facilitator Training, May 21-22 with Lauren Artress.

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Cycle Two, May 23 - 27. "Navigating the Turns: Succeeding in Your Life Transition" with Lauren Artress.

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Labyrinths of Europe Tour, Part I, May 28 - 31. "Labyrinths of Northern France" with Lauren Artress.

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