Your are needed more than ever!
We have STUDENTS WAITING for volunteer TUTORS!

Join us for training on Tuesday, April 13 from 9am to 3pm. This is a ONE DAY training in-person at our offices and is LIMITED to 8 people! All supplies and lunch will be provided. Masks are required. You will need to complete your volunteer tutor application prior to training.
All participants are required to complete homework assignments after the training before they will be placed with a student.
Most of our students want to earn their GED and need to improve their basic skills. YOU can help them change their lives!
Contact us to sign up. 810-664-2737 or message us on here or email us at

Dan is a 20-year-old young man that came to Family Literacy Center seeking his GED. He is in the union working and wanted to apply to trades school. They told him he needed his GED to get into the school. He was devastated. He really liked the work he was doing and was excited about becoming an apprentice, but he had never finished his GED. He showed up at our offices one day just as we were closing. You could tell he was timid and a little uncertain about being here. He explained his story and was hopeful that we might be able to help him. He said that the Union had given him 6 months to get his GED and he needed help. We were able to practice test him and he tested well. He just needed some help with his math. Right about this time in-person tutoring stopped and switched to remote tutoring. We set him up with his tutor and he started tutoring remotely. He took his social studies and science tests and passed. He was moving along quickly. This week he took his math practice test and passed it. He is scheduling his test now. His trade school is starting next month.