O Lord, we know that all we have received is from your hand. You call us to be stewards of Your abundance, the caretakers of all You have entrusted to us. Help us to always use Your gifts wisely and teach us to share them generously. Send the Holy Spirit to work through us, bringing Your hope filled message to those we serve. May our faithful stewardship bear witness to the love of Jesus Christ in our lives. We pray with grateful hearts. Amen

Call to Worship:
L: We are gathered this morning in the name of the One
P: Who created everything and everyone,
L: We are gathered this morning in the name of the One
P: Who has blessed us with gifts and talents and has appointed us as stewards of the earth
L: We come to God knowing that life poses risks, whether we go out and invest our talents
P: Or whether we play it safe.
L: We come to God knowing that faith will lead us to let go of our possessions and all that we cling to out of fear
P: We come to God offering our lives as a living sacrifice,
All: In the name of the One who makes us worthy. Amen
A Time of Centering Prayer
You are invited to join us ten minutes before our Sunday service for a time of centering prayer. We are taking these few minutes before the service begins to prepare our hearts and minds for worship.
We will meet in the Amaryllis Room. All are welcome.
As Summer attendance at church becomes irregular so does giving unfortunately. The needs and budget of the church remain the same though. We are very grateful for those who faithfully support the church in these uncertain times.
Monthly Missions

In August, we will be collecting funds to purchase gift cards for local teachers connected to Grace.
On Sunday August 7th, Bill Tollefson, the new chair of the Outreach Team outlined the plans for not only this missional opportunity but a hopeful future as well.
You can read a copy of his words here. Outreach

*If you are giving a special "missional gift", please make a note on your offering.
Links in Red

The Visser family was named as the Crow Wing County Family Farm of the Year. Congratulations on this honor. Visser farm

Congrats to Collin Jacobs on the nice feature as a Pequot Lakes Community Action member. CJ

Appreciation and prayers to the Hennies family in organizing a fishing tournament and silent auction to benefit the Lighthouse Project on August 7th to honor the death of their son Jack. Lighthouse

We know that the floors in the Fellowship Hall are in desperate need of cleaning. We had made arrangements to have this carpet cleaned a few weeks ago, and then Covid changed our plans. We are now back on the schedule with the cleaning company, and they will be cleaned on August 24th.
Church Directory

We are working on getting our church directory updated. If you have had any changes to your information, please let the office know so that we have the most current and accurate data. At a future date, we will be making copies available to those who request it. If you do NOT want to have any or perhaps only certain parts of your information made public, please let us know. We want to balance community and respect your privacy.
Sunday mornings we have returned to live streaming our Sunday services, but we realize that there are still some issues popping up some Sundays. On our website you can usually watch the recorded service after 10:30am or so. There is a link to our site at the end of this newsletter.
We continue to work on making the online experience better and appreciate both your grace and feedback as we make improvements. Soon, we will be updating our internet capabilities and are hopeful that this will fix some of the issues.
We are grateful to be able to offer our services online and appreciate any gifts received to help this ministry grow and continue.
If you have something that should be added to this newsletter from your group or mission, please speak with Pastor Jen or email the details to her at The E-Grace is generally completed by noon on Thursdays, so articles need to be given to me by Thursday morning at the very latest.
If you wish to connect with me directly and it is not an emergency, please know that I will respond as needed during pretty regular office hours. I am in the church most weekdays from at least 10-12, call ahead to be sure, as my weeks vary. Ann has my detailed schedule and can find me if needed.
-Pastor Jen

Contact us concept with wood block and symbols at_ e-mail address and phone

Important note
If you are mailing something to the church, you must use our P.O. Box for the address. We do not receive mail at the church, and if you use the physical church address it will get returned and could delay your notices to us or offerings.
P.O. Box 276
Pequot Lakes, MN 56472
Contact Information
 Grace United Methodist Church 
29318 Patriot Ave - P.O. Box 276
Pequot Lakes, MN 56472
Phone: 218-568-5755