For Immediate Release
Morty is Crowned TBFMD's Canine Ambassador 2020
Pups nationwide campaigned for the title of TBFMD's Canine Ambassador while helping their fellow dogs in-need.
Baltimore, MD 1/6/2020 - On 12/13, The Buddy Foundation of Maryland (TBFMD) launched a campaign to find their first Canine Ambassador--the canine "face" or "snout" of the organization for one full year. Registrants submitted their photo and bio, and voting opened to the public on 12/17. Votes were tallied to reveal Morty Simendinger as the winner! The contest introduced us to so many other amazing pups...we've appreciated their participation and willingness to campaign hard: Edith, Blueprint, Widgeon, Rudy, Gracie, Morty, Fia, Coco, Tupelo, Mochi, Pepper, Cooper, Emmie, and Mattie. A heartfelt thanks goes out to all of them--they were an impressive group of candidates!

Morty will be featured on our annual report, social media platforms--Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn--newsletters, at events as the "pup repping pups" for TBFMD, and will receive an Amazon gift card! "Congratulations, Morty!"

And there's more: All voters, in addition to doing their part to help dogs who are waiting for treatments and cures, were entered into a drawing for their own Amazon gift card--we're hoping winner, Gerard Zuffante, enjoys his winnings!
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