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Happy Anniversary!
We have been sending monthly E-mails for one year! Hopefully helping people to understand our process. We are all volunteers making and distributing our small WAPI thermometers for 10 years. During that time 70,000 plus units have been donated to all those in need. Please tell us your opinion of how are we doing?
Our WAPI Project
Bob and I (Tom Carter) have worked together for the past 10 years, each in our own area, but with common interests overlapping. During that period, he has nearly perfected the WAPI he now makes. Bob has adapted them to the precise specifications of our mentor Dr. Robert Metcalf, and they clearly are the best ones ever made.  

A concern about Bob’s WAPIs is they are handmade with a number of precise steps involved. For Bob though, this is not a problem because he uses them as a way to promote community involvement. For every handmade step there is a volunteer waiting. Schools, churches, even prison inmate groups make them beautifully, using the processes he has developed. 
by Tom Carter aguapuraparaelpueblo.org
Lady fetching water in India.

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Pete Shcmidt's letter.
What is happening with the WAPI?

Portable Microbiology Laboratory (PML)
The world largely ignores the chronic epidemic of water-borne diseases that the WHO.org estimates DAILY cause over 4,600,000 cases of diarrhea and >2,000 deaths among a billion people living extreme poverty. Unlike the “Big 3” HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB, water-borne diseases are not hard to prevent. "Kill the germs with chlorine or heat (pasteurization) and people don’t get sick."
by Dr. Robert Metcalf
About what is a PML.
What does it do and where to purchase.
Portable Microbiology Laboratory

Have a friend you would like to introduce to
  WAPIs for the World ?
Please forward a WAPI email to them.
The September 2018 issue was on
"Pasteurization and Sterilization."
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  • If you would like a WAPI for your emergency kit, you may purchase one or more for $2.00 each. Also, we package larger orders of 50 for $100. To order please respond to Margo at margoWAPI@gmail com or Bob at
  • If you are in need of clean water, call and we will send you a WAPI for FREE.
  • Our newsletter will be sent on the 9th of each month. Tell a friend about us so they can receive the WAPI email.
When to use a WAPI?
  • When camping, hunting, bicycling or hiking on the back roads.
  • When your city says to boil your water, WAPI your water instead.
  • Everyone should have a WAPI in their emergency pack. 
  • WAPIs are used in the process of pasteurizing water as well as juice and milk.
A non-profit 501(c)3 ministry
assisting globally with clean and healthy water for survival .
WAPI, an acronym for Water Pasteurization Indicator, is needed and used in
developing countries and impoverished communities including the United States.
We teach villagers how to use the WAPI for clean water, personal hygiene and sanitation.  

WAPIs for the World -- Bob E. Tait
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