ReLeaf Michigan eNewsletter | April 2021
Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day:
It's Time to Plant Trees!
Why Do YOU Support ReLeaf Michigan?
With the world celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day, we asked some of our supporters, including team members, sponsors, partners and volunteers to tell us why they believe in ReLeaf Michigan and the work we do. We loved hearing from them, and we think you will too! Click on the video below to hear from them.
Do you support ReLeaf Michigan? We'd love to hear from you! Send us a message of support to let us know you care about Michigan's environment and the work we do.

April is the most important time for us to gather support and funds for the coming year. There are a variety of ways to support ReLeaf Michigan. If you believe in our mission to plant more trees and help teach Michiganders about trees and why they are important, please show your support at the link below.
Protect Your Oak Trees from Oak Wilt:
Do Not Prune from April 15 to July 15
Oak trees have a reputation for being mighty, but these majestic trees need our help in spring and early summer to prevent the spread of a microscopic killer.

From April 15 to July 15, oak trees are at high risk for oak wilt, a serious fungal disease that can weaken white oaks and kill red oak trees within weeks of infection. During this time of year, flying beetles can carry oak wilt fungus spores from tree to tree and the fungus can infect trees through wounds left by pruning or storm damage. It's safest to wait until the weather cools in the fall and insects are not present to trim your oak trees.
Now Offering Municipal Memberships
ReLeaf Michigan Is Offering a New Opportunity for Municipalities
With the new Municipal Membership, residents receive the opportunity to engage directly with tree experts, access educational resources and better understand why trees are important to their community and a smart investment. For an annual fee, municipalities will receive:

  • "Ask an Arborist" Feature for Residents
  • Dedicated Webpage for Community
  • Educational Resources
  • Annual Presentation / Webinar
  • Tree City Application Assistance
  • Consultation Services Also Available

Contact Melinda Jones to learn more about this program.
Support ReLeaf Michigan at a Peloton Fundraiser, April 28th
Do you believe in ReLeaf Michigan's mission to plant trees throughout the state and also own a Peloton exercise bike or use the app? This is your chance to show your support!

​Peloton riders are invited to join the "Ride for ReLeaf Michigan" on 4/28/21 from 6:30-7:00pm Eastern Time. RSVP now and we'll email you the details of this virtual ride the week before the event.

This ride is organized by Jeff Bagalis, ReLeaf Michigan's treasurer and the managing director of Accurity Group (scroll down for a spotlight profile on Jeff). Jeff has graciously offered to match all donations up to a total of $1000. Donations are encouraged but not required to join. To sign up for the ride, fill out the RSVP form on the page linked below. If you do belong to a Peloton group, feel free to share. It would be greatly appreciated!
ReLeaf Michigan Team Member Spotlight:
Kenn Rapp
Kenn Rapp started working with ReLeaf Michigan two years ago, bringing a strong education and work history as a landscape architect. Since last year, he has led the plant purchasing for all projects, along with assisting in person at plantings.

Kenn first became passionate about trees when studying at Michigan State University, where he taught the field ID labs. He then began working with the University of Michigan Forestry Crew, where he met Marvin Pettway, longtime forester for ReLeaf Michigan.

"ReLeaf Michigan has a unique mission that addresses both scientific and social aspects of planting trees," said Kenn. "When I was a landscape architecture student 40 years ago, we were taught the way to deal with storm water was to get it in a pipe as soon as possible. ReLeaf Michigan uses trees to address these infrastructure needs, while also providing beauty and other benefits to communities. From a social aspect, I believe the community involvement we facilitate makes ReLeaf Michigan unique. My favorite part of every planting is seeing the volunteers happy with their accomplishment after the planting is complete. People meet neighbors and city workers/officials they may not have known before, and people share genuine pride in their community. Being part of that never gets old and continues to inspire me. Thank you for letting me be a part of a great organization filled with dedicated people!"

Thank you Kenn for helping make ReLeaf Michigan's mission possible!
Kenn Rapp will be continuing to lead many tree plantings this spring. If you see him, say hello!
Healthy Trees Build Healthy Communities
Trees offer all of us incredible health benefits. Each month we highlight one way trees improve our health, sponsored by Priority Health.

How Urban Forests Can Help Mitigate ADHD Symptoms
Research shows that spending time outdoors among trees can significantly mitigate symptoms in children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Read more
Enjoy Spring by Hunting for Big Trees!
Spring is a great time to participate in the Michigan Big Tree Hunt, the statewide hunt for the biggest trees in Michigan.

Participation is free and open to all - just complete the entry form at to submit your tree. Submit your tree today and you might be the Big Tree of the Week, posted every Monday on Facebook!

Pictured here is a majestic White Pine. We award a special prize each contest for the largest White Pine, which is Michigan's State Tree. Submissions are open until next summer.

Special thanks to Nissan, who recently signed on as the premiere sponsor of the Michigan Big Tree Hunt.

Learn more about the contest and how to submit your tree by clicking the link below.
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