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The Industrial Times                                    April 2015 


Spring is here and it's project time in the Midwest. The temps are warming up, the days are staying lighter longer and the time to be productive is upon us. At Apex, we hope to be part of that with you. Our vast offering of valves, actuators, instruments and piping products allows for us to be an integral part in your next project. Whether it be helping find the perfect product for your application or by helping you save money and time, we have the products that you're using. Think of Apex when you're getting ready to bid your next project. Chances are we can help!




Apex Industrial Solutions represents several patented products.   What does this mean? It means we have a solution that no one else can offer. When we are trying to solve customers problems, we often rely on our patented products to provide a solution. Here is an example of one patented product we offer;


Warren Controls AmurAct Control Valve Actuator.

  • Initially developed for the semi-instantaneous hot water heater market, the Warren Controls AmurAct has created a whole market for itself. Ranging from ½" valves to 4" valves, the AmurAct offers a linear actuator with fast acting speed. Mimicking the stroke of a pneumatic control valve, the AmurAct can move from fully closed to open in just 8 seconds.   The patent lies in the custom designed linkage as seen below. The actuator motor comes with a host of excellent features as well

    • Universal Power Input  

    • 0-10VDC or 4-20mA input/output            

    • Capacitance Fail Safe (Open or Closed)

    • Adaptive tuning allowing for linear or equal percent flow curves

    • De-clutching mechanism for manual control

    • Lock-up guaranteed close-off in closed position

    • Fits on Warren Valve Models 1800, 2800, 2900 and 5800.


Possibly the best feature of this valve though is the energy savings. In a study done by the University of Minnesota, the average pneumatic control valve with a 50% duty cycle can cost up to $800 per year in costs associated with producing air. Pneumatic actuators have a steady bleed of compressed air and that air isn't free. By using the AmurAct electric actuator customers can expect to pay $15 per year in electricity consumption. The payback on the AmurAct can be very short, sometimes less than 1 year! Check out our demonstration video below of the Warren Controls AmurAct.


WATCH AmurAct Video Now




*You are receiving this email because you are a valued customer of Apex Industrial Solutions, Inc. or you have been contacted by a representative of Apex and we would like to earn your business. If you need an in field visit from your Apex representative please feel free to contact us at or call us at 651-322-2220. We'd be happy to assist you in the field with your current applications.
Industrial News
Raising Awareness: follow safety regulations and best practices

With spring time projects getting started, it's important to remember what we value most. Getting home safe to those we love! Work place deaths have been on the decline for many years but still too often we hear about accidents resulting in death. It's important to take time and review your safety practices. Remember, safety trumps all else!




Fatal fall from Sparboe Farms roof prompts

OSHA to fine subcontractor

Featured Products
Flo-Tite Tri-Pro Ball Valve

Flotite Tri-Pro Ball Valve with Weld-In Place Design. FloTite's flagship ball valve comes with heat dissipating rings on the valve ends. These rings allow for the valve to be welded into place without needing to remove the center portion of the valve body. This also allows for actuated valves to stay in place, preventing the need for recalibration or set up. If you're using weld-in place ball valves, give the Flotite Tri-Pro a try.


Chicago Show Shatters all-time attendance record
In January our team attended the 2015 ASHRAE conference in Chicago looking for new technologies and possibly new lines to help improve your process. What we found was nothing short of amazing! Thousands of exhibits, products and attendees. After the expo ended and all tally's were counted, it was reported that this was the largest AHR expo EVER! We are thankful to have participated in it and bring home  great ideas and a few new lines to serve you better!
An article published after the conclusion of the expo, read as follows:
"With approximately 62,000 attendees from more than 140 countries, over 11 acres of exhibits and 41 sponsoring and endorsing associations-the 2015 AHR Expo in Chicago was one for the record books."


Thank you for taking the time to read this edition of The Industrial Times. We look forward to warmer weather and a great year together!



Apex Industrial Solutions

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