June, 2015
Issue: 7

It's simple: #BackTheMAC

Jessenya De La Rosa, 17, holds a sign to passing motorists during new conference announcing plans to push for youth funding at McNamara Park in Merced. (Photo by Andrew Kuhn / Merced Sun Star)
  • (May 26th) Youth advocates, residents and young people of South Merced held a press conference at McNamara Youth Center urging the City of Merced to help support the center. [Thaddeus Miller / Sun Star]
  • "Services for young people have been a popular topic in recent years, as the demographics in Merced are young and underprivileged."
  • "The city agreed to invest $24,000 into the Mac for the 2014-2015 fiscal year...though was only ten percent of the amount Invest In Our Youth originally asked the city for.."
  • With the City Budget at its finalization, local youth advocates and members of the McNamara Youth Center presented a detailed presentation of their hopes for support during a City Council Meeting last Monday June 8th. 
  • The vote for considering to fund the center came to a split vote, 3 to 3 (1 absence) with half the council opposed. 
  • A finalized budget is set to be announced by the end of June. Only time will tell if the City truly believes in youth investment and decides to #BackTheMac.
Youth advocates, residents, supporters and youth at BackTheMac News Conference Rally (Photo by BHC Merced)


  •  "My mom makes me come here," said Jesus Duran, 13, who attends Mac programs to get assistance with schoolwork. "She knows it is good for me to be here because it is a safe place.." 
  • "...We need to invest in youth. Merced's youngest residents deserve more recreational opportunities, more services, more healthy activities and better parks because prevention is powerful..." [Rachelle Abril / Sun Star Op-ed]
  • Without city investment, can the Mac sustain?..."At last, South Merced has a burgeoning youth center again, but advocates worry about the longevity of the Mac. 
Better schools is a 50/50 process #LCFF
Eduardo Aguilar of Children Now, addresses parents on LCFF importance. (Photo by Claudia Corchado / CCROPP)
  • Late last month, the Building Healthy Communities Schools Action Team hosted one of many LCFF 101 workshops that help educate parents on the Local Control Funding Formula.
  • "...Our biggest goal in life is to ensure our children attend a university," said Alcaraz. "We are in this journey with them, so if it means attending events likes this, we'll be at every single one of them." [Claudia Gonzalez / We'Ced Media]
  • "...Parents were given an overview of LCFF, the landmark 2013 education law by Gov. Jerry Brown that funnels additional funding into schools districts to supplement resources to foster youth, English-language learners, and other needy students..." [Claudia Gonzalez / We'Ced Youth Media]
  • Thank you to our amazing partners and community advocates as well as the many residents that participated in the LCFF workshop. 
Merced Organizing Project Community Organizer, Crisantema Gallardo facilitates an all-Spanish discussion on LCFF at the LCFF 101 Workshop. (Photo by / CRROPP)


  • "Creating a healthy local school plan that benefits all of Merced's children requires input, feedback and engagement from both parents and providers...It's a 50/50 process"  [Rosura Muratalla / Sun Star Op-ed]
  • "A quality education doesn't just benefit one child or family. A quality education lifts the entire community."  [Andre Griggs / Sun Star Op-ed]
  • "This event was very helpful...I came in not know much about LCFF, and now I am prepared to ask the right questions at my children's schools."
Welcome, BHC Community Grantees of 2015 
BHC Community Grantees for the Summer 2015 (Photo by / BHC Merced)
  • Last week, Building Healthy Communities Merced hosted its first of two annual Community Grant Reception for 2015. 
  • "Through the BHC community grants program we hope that local youth and neighborhoods within the BHC site will have more chances to take on community projects and events that will unify community voices, provide learning and skill building opportunities, and improve the safety and health of Merced County..."
  • $6,000 was rewarded to 6 new grantees that will provide programs and projects in the weeks to come. [News / BHC Merced]
  • "Community grant are about providing investments in residents and young people that are driven to make a difference in their community...These grants are about supporting grass-level and change-providing support to community-projects that will have a direct impact in our neighborhoods..."



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