April 2021
Dear Friends,
It seems like every time I sit down promising myself I'll send out a newsletter, something SUPER IMPORTANT distracts me and when I make it back, everything is obsolete. I swear that is not going to happen today.

The Friends programming committee has been hard at work planning for monthly events. See some of those to the right.

I've been wanting to do a new round of trivia since February and it's finally underway. Registration is open and the first round drops 4/15.

We are into our second week of being "open" and, boy, change is hard, isn't it? At this point, we are inviting library card holders into the building one 'family' at a time, but we are planning to expand that later in the month.

Here is the procedure for visiting us:
  • Put on your mask outside the building,
  • Enter the foyer and wait.
  • If we don't see you right away, please the doorbell on the glass to get our attention.
  • We will verify your mask is fully in place, ask you to sanitize your hands, and verify your library card is valid and up to date.
  • If someone is already inside or if someone has an appointment and is on their way, we may ask you to wait.
  • Please do not enter the building until staff has given you a go-ahead to come in.

Your mask must be in place during your whole visit even if you are vaccinated - your mask protects us, and we are not yet vaccinated.

We understand that it can be frustrating to wait while others finish their library business. Please don't take your frustration out on us. We are fortunate the Board of Trustees have committed to protecting us and we are doing as much as we can to meet community needs while following their policies. In other words, this is out of our hands, we are doing our very best, please be kind.

Email me any time with any questions - I love to here from you. Lichen
Storytime throwback in April
It's time for Ms. Meredith and Petunia to have a wee break to get ready for a busy summer. We hope you'll watch some Storytime Reruns this month and gear up to welcome them back in May.
News from the Friends
Book Sale plans are afoot. We plan on hosting a book donation event in May. Please keep an eye on our website for more information.

We are looking for someone to help retrieve, clean, and arrange our patio furniture. Please respond to this email if you're available.
Upcoming Events
COVID-19 Updates, Questions & Answers
Join Art Mathisen, President, and Matt Dunn, Chief Medical Officer, of Memorial Hospital for an update on COVID-19 and an opportunity to have your questions answered.
APRIL 14-24
Springtime Trivia
Grab your crew and register a team for our Valley-wide online trivia tournament.
That the People May Live:’ the Life and Legacy of Nicholas Black Elk, Holy Man of the Lakota
Introduction to Chess
Hosted by Keith Force
Events from our partner libraries
Collection news
New Books & Movies!
I have been managing to keep doing new book videos. The one to the left is for items we added on March 16th. We got a bunch off our wish list yesterday, though, so watch the New Items playlist for a pageant of those tomorrow.