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I was waiting for the results from our City of Aspen election last Tuesday on March 7 to write this. A local group of business people got together in Aspen to create Aspen Deserves Better last summer to find 3 candidates after the final straw when the The City of Aspen Leaders' formed the Living Lab (CLICK HERE).

This came to fruition after too many “executive” orders were initiated to create “Aspen Deserves Better." Major factors including a total moratorium on building permits, demolition and/or remodel permits, short term rental restrictions including way too much government paperwork to rent, and purposely sitting on construction permits to finish The Main Street Bakery, The Red Onion, Restoration Hardware Boutique Hotel in the former Crystal Palace Dinner Theater, the Restoration (RH) Hardware Showroom in the former KemoSabe building across from Paradise Bakery, etc, etc. Fortunately, we won two council seats which should now help with many votes of 3-2 to fix a lot of what the previous “dreamers” screwed up. We are also hopeful that the former City Hall will be converted to a Food Court offering moderately priced food and drink for all!!!!

This is a great column summarizing the election - Aspen Has Spoken! Bill Guth and Sam Rose will be inaugurated April 11. We are hopeful they will revise the permit rule that can get buildings and homes finished to avoid the forever looking boarded up restaurants and retail spaces in town or holes sitting in the ground. Obviously, there is a long list to fix, including reviewing and revising the 3,100 units of subsidized housing for actual workers. I will keep you posted on the progress to keep Aspen a wonderful place to live and visit and I am always happy to hear any of your suggestions or concerns!
March is the best ski month with longer days and the skiing is spectacular, and more snow is predicted!!!

Our local weather geek says the snow may never stop... So, you may want to book a late season ski trip now that our season is extended to April 16!

Data dashboard: Snowpack still above average and climbing 
This has been a very interesting sales season. An increasing number of sales are “sold before MLS.” I, personally, have one closing the first week of April and at least 2-3 more unlisted properties closing soon after. Buyers are clamoring for more inventory and will pay a fair price. There are still too many stupidly priced listings that buyers perceive as not worth it so they call us long time brokers to find them the deals. It is very clear that our sales are down considerably this season but prices are much higher.


This quintessential Aspen event was complete with exceptional ski racing and action-packed après celebrations.

For me, even though I was never a racer, it was always cool to meet the racers. Of course, Aspen produced a lot of those, but my favorite was always Andy Mill (CLICK HERE). Many of us never heard of Franz Weber also in the article, but he started SPEED SKIING and brought that to Aspen when my sons were growing up here. In fact, my son, Noah, shared the following with me just a few weeks ago: He was watching Franz trying to make a world record of over 125 miles per hour when he fell. Somehow, Noah was there when part of his racing suit burned into part of his body from the friction falling that fast. Noah told him how sorry he was and his answer inspired Noah for life and I am paraphrasing: No, son, this tattoo from my racing suit is my badge of honor to try and break a world record. You must always try to do your best. And, the stunning part is that he just shared that with me 40 years later! You just never know where your inspiration comes from as a young person. Our family legacy is skiing, and the ambition of people coming to make it in this incredible town.

There’s a new trail sign on Aspen Mountain! Aspen Skiing Co. officials, in connection with Stifel America’s Downhill, honored the skiing legacy of Bob Beattie on Friday, March 3rd at the World Cup. (CLICK HERE)
Theatre Aspen hits milestones, looks to celebrate summer

People gather at Hurst Theatre before one of Theatre Aspen’s mainstage performances last summer. In addition to its mainstage productions and other annual programming taking place this summer, Theatre Aspen plans a lineup of special events and celebrations in light of its 40th anniversary year. (CLICK HERE)
Jas Aspen/Snowmass Experience
June 22 - June 25

Featuring Galactic, Ruthie Foster, Greyboy All Stars with Karl Denson, Rebirth Brass Band, Chinobay Afro - to name a few of the
40+ performances! Passes sell out! (CLICK HERE)

Three nights of music taking place in 12 venues spread across the Downtown Aspen core. Attendees can enjoy a variety of performances in one evening, all within a short stroll of one another. Experience VIP at the Durant Street VIP Tent with catered dinner, open bars and private concerts. Performance times will range from late afternoon to night including some special one-off events and locations, including dance friendly bands. Full schedule found here!
KickAspen Night Skiing

March 24 & 25

We are greeting the first full weekend of Bud Light Spring Jam aby celebrating with KickAspen Night Skiing at Aspen Mountain. Both nights, from 7pm until 10pm, skiers and riders are invited to come lap the Little Nell Chair under the night sky.

Rootbeer Richie &
The Reveille
March 24 | Aspen Mountain

Inspired by legends like Fats Domino, Ray Charles, and Sam Cooke. Rootbeer Richie & The Reveille pull from a variety of influences to create their long, tall drink of soul-infused Swamp Pop.

For end of winter season thrills off the slopes with the warmer weather, look no further than the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster. Riders will wind their way through over a mile of forest on an elevated track at speeds of up to 28mph. Located adjacent to the Elk Camp Restaurant, riders and passengers will be able to experience the thrilling ride during the day and during special Ullr Nights.

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