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Back to School
Now that summer break is coming to a close, millions of children with dyslexia are nervous about struggling to read when they go back to school. Sign up for TeamQuest today and help all students get proper reading instruction so they can feel excited about their first day of school.

New School Year, New Shoes
The right tools make all the difference! Before you go and buy your child new shoes for school, check to see if you need new shoes too. Worn out running shoes can lead to injury. If the tread is gone, or if you have run over 300 miles, it is time to retire your running shoes and buy a new pair.  

International Literacy Day
This Friday, September 8, 2017, is international Literacy Day! Show your support of global literacy with IDA and raise awareness! Make a donation and tell someone about IDA and how we can work together to overcome the literacy crisis...until everyone can read!  Make a Donation

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