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News and Notes of July
 Hi All, here are is July's news and notes. This month has been quite a busy one, we've repair a fence, renovated a mud room, painted countless walls, repaired a couple cabinets, laid a floor and much more, all culminating into our second busiest month ever! We couldn't have grown this much without all your support and referrals and we can't thank you all enough. This latest newsletter focus on a whacky way to clean tricky messes and cool ways to reuse those pesky plastic bread clips. We hope you're having a great and safe long weekend and that you enjoy this n ewsletter. 
Coming Soon: Raccoon Repellant

Thank you to all who responded to our cry for help with your interesting raccoon repelling ideas and stories. We are currently testing a few of them out as well as our own at our cottage and home and will have our full list of economical raccoon repellants in the following newsletter.
Tip of the Month: The Multi Purpose Cleaner  

The best cleaning product ever invented is the baby wipe.  Of course I didn't know this until becoming a grandparent recently and grabbed one to clean my hand a little before signing for a package.  Even the UPS guy was surprised it took the oil off my hands.  

They are inexpensive and easy to use and you can get them almost anywhere these days. In our home we have used baby wipes to get marker out of couch cushions, makeup out of carpets, fingerprints off the woodwork and gunk off your hands. They are so versatile we've started carrying them in the truck. You can see even more uses for baby wipe on the link below! 

Bread Clip Life Hacks 

Instead of throwing away your old bread clips...why not repurpose them and use them to label your power/computer cables. You can also save up your bread clips to use them to label wine glasses during a party help people keep people keep track of there drinks. If you have a cool way you reuse your bread clips we'd love to hear about.