December 5, 2018
It's the 2018 Homestretch!
December is here and we're on a mad dash toward the finish line of a busy 2018. In our 3 8 years of business, this year stands out for the diversity of engagements across our lines of business.

We typically find that demand for our services aligns with the country's overall economic health:

  • In growing economies, our Financial Due Diligence practice for Private Equity and Senior and Sub Debt firms prevails.
  • In down-trending economies, our Workouts & Restructuring practice dominates our time.
  • Our Litigation and Forensic Accounting practices have proven to be inelastic to the economy - we won't editorialize on why conflict and fraud exist in both good times and bad!

Like many other things in the world today, our historical experiences were upended in 2018. We have been equally busy across our 4 lines of business, demonstrated by the examples below.

What is your impression of the economy based on 2018 activity, and what do you predict for 2019? Reply to let me know!

Litigation Support
Employee fraud and partnership disputes are just a couple of the issues behind our litigation support activities this year. Whenever we think we've seen it all, we get a call about a matter with a new twist behind the litigation.
Textile Manufacturer
Cosmetics Packaging Company
Workouts & Restructurings
Even though bankruptcies may be down with the strong economy, there are plenty of companies undergoing restructurings. Afterall, over-leverage, unbridled growth and inadequate management exists on the micro level in all economies.
Gourmet Food Company
Homecare Provider
Forensic Accounting
When a portfolio company's financials seem incongruent, private equity firms and lenders are well-served to conduct a forensic accounting analysis. At a minimum, they gain perspective of the company's operations at a granular level based on the financial reports.
Entertainment Studio
Specialty Food Company
Financial Due Diligence
Should we buy this business? With historic amounts of private capital chasing good investments, we have been traversing the country to complete Quality of Earnings analyses BEFORE they invest.
Hardware Retailer
Brandlin & Associates is an exclusive provider of financial workouts and restructurings, forensic accounting, financial due diligence and litigation support for senior lenders, mezzanine funds, private equity groups, attorneys and middle market companies.

We pride ourselves on offering superior technical expertise, years of practical experience and unparalleled service to decipher financial and operational performance metrics. As a result, our clients are able to make informed decisions in a timely manner.