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Marching through March and into April
March has come and gone and we've had quite the month. We've had big ups and big downs. from winning 2 awards and becoming Homestars certified, to a hospitalized family member and everything in between this month has been full of surprises. but like the old saying goes you have to "keep on keeping on". This month we've built a walk in closet, installed a baby gate, painted trim, started a wine closet, Installed some Rubbermaid closet organizers and much more. 
Tip of the Month: Checking your property for tripping hazards

This month, on her way to girls night, my mom took a spill do to a pothole in the sidewalk, she spun around hitting her elbow on a bike rack, shattering the bone. She went in for surgery a week later and now has 12 screws and 2 rods in her arm. while discussing her case with the doctor Ross found out that falls like this are very frequent in early spring, do to heaving asphalt  and concrete, rotting railings  ect. In this months tip we will be going over things to check around your property to help keep you, your family, your friends and service providers safe.

My Go-2-Guy Training Program

We hope you all had a wonderful March Break. For those with children in school we hope you enjoyed spending quality time together, and for those with out kids you probably enjoyed the lighter than normal traffic on your commute into the office. We at My Go-2-Guy took a half day off to build with our grand children / niece and nephews and lets just say the birds will be pleased come spring time and a beaver buggy will be flying down the track in no time flat. Who knows in 15 years we may have a few more Go-2-Guy and Gals along side us. 

Ways to use Colour

Last month we went over how light effects colour. This month we are going to go over how to use colour, both in general and to get a specific effect.

 Constant Contact All-Stars

As many of you know from our previous email, we are are winners of the HomeStars Best of  2018 Award. We also found out this month that do to our newsletters continually high open and click rates, we've earned the Constant Contact All-Star Award. only 10% of Constant Contact users earn this award and only 65% of them are multi year winners. We can't thank you enough for staying engaged in our company and our newsletter(even with the occasional spelling error). We strive to bring you interesting home maintenance tips and news and hope to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

2018 Best of HomeStars

Incase you missed our previous memo. My Go-2-Guy is proud to announce we've won the Best of HomeStars award for the 3rd straight year. Thank you for all your amazing support over the years. We wouldn't be where we are without you. We are also HomeStars certified which means we are police checked, Insured, with good credit and all the necessary licenses.