Volume XXII |  May 31, 2017
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Power of Nutrient Consumer Campaign Launches and
More than 66,000 People Watch Natur-Tyme Keynote Speakers

Organic & Natural Health Association  hosted its second consumer retail educational program on April 23 in partnership with Syracuse, New York, health food store,  Natur-Tyme . More than 1,200 consumers attended and more than 66,000 viewed the content via  Facebook Live broadcast

Our  keynote speaker lineup included Scientific Advisory Council Chair,  Dr. Joseph Mercola , as well as internal and integrative medicine specialist,  Dr. Dana Cohen ; naturopathic and functional medicine doctor, Dr. Geo Espinosa, ND ; and pharmacist, author and media personality David Foreman, RPh.

Omega 3/Vitamin D Nutrient Field Trial

Do you know your Omega 3 Level?  Enroll Today!

Enrollment is Open

This year's Power of Nutrient Campaign focuses on the health benefits of omega-3 DHA and EPA and engaging consumers and practitioners in the O&N sponsored nutrient field trial led by our research partner Grassroots Health.  To view the Organic & Natural Health press release, click here.

                                                                                                                                     - Karen E. Howard
                                                                                                                             CEO/Executive Director


In The News

O&N's media campaign is in full swing promoting the need to know your levels for both Omega 3 and vitamin D.

Take a moment to watch Dr. Ken Redcross on the NBC Atlanta affiliate program alt&co, (watch at 5:14).   He's also on NY1 News (watch at 3:29).  Here's a sample of Dr. Christine Horner on The Breast Cancer Awareness Show (listen at 12:01).

These are just two examples of our skilled Scientific Advisors promoting O&N's Consumer Education and Research Agenda!

Why Organic & Natural is Unique

Check out  Rick Polito's interview of Karen Howard on how we are changing the world!

Glyphosate Testing 

On June 12, the O&N Board of Directors will vote on final approval of the Association's new, annual testing program.  Consumers are demanding complete transparency regarding quality, integrity and manufacturing processes for the products and foods they consume. O&N is committed to supporting your efforts to meet consumer expectations.

We will be initiate this program by utilizing the expertise of HRI Labs to test products and ingredients for glyphosate residue over a three year period. We have much to learn on this topic. What is an acceptable level?  Where are trace amounts coming from?  It is our objective to collaborate with our members to explore sourcing issues and create guidelines that serve our commitment to transparency, traceability, accessibility and continual quality improvement.
 June 19 Webinar

Mark your calendar for June 19, 3:00-4:00PM eastern.  Learn more about the program and how to participate!  

Registration will be forthcoming
and the session will be recorded. 
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