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Welcoming New NICA Partners
We are excited to welcome AccuVein, Pinnacle Revenue Management, and RxTOOLKIT® as NICA Industry, Strategic, and Preferred partners.

These organizations are passionate about providing high-quality medical devices, customizable revenue cycle management services, and technology that increases safety and efficiency to help providers better serve their patients.

Their support is critical to achieving our mission to be the nation’s voice for non-hospital, community-based infusion providers. By clicking "learn more" to the left, you can discover more about the organizations and check out the discounts available to our Provider Members.
Josh Smith Joins the NICA Board
We are excited to welcome Josh Smith to the NICA Board.

Josh is an accomplished executive in healthcare and a passionate infusion advocate. He works to reform healthcare in ways that are sustainable for providers while ensuring patients receive the highest quality care.

Josh is focused on the transformative nature of healthcare and continuously explores improvements to the system. His dedication to infusion access spans more than eight years, during which he's spent time in pharmacy operations, physician office leadership, and most recently in ambulatory infusion centers. He is a strong advocate for positive change in the industries that he commits to, and as such, he provides additional insights and leadership to the biologic infusion industry through his continued involvement with NICA.

Please join us in welcoming Josh!
#InfusionCenterSpotlight for April: Palmetto Infusion
This past month, we spotlighted Palmetto Infusion Center. With 25 ambulatory infusion centers across the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama, Palmetto has perfected the balance of providing the highest-quality infusion care while tailoring every patient experience to the individual. They treat patients with chronic diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's and Colitis, Lupus, and many more, while offering amenities
such as free parking, spacious private rooms, snacks, Wi-Fi, treatment education, and 24/7 clinical support.
Let Colleagues Know You're Speaking at #NICA2021
June is right around the corner and we are excited to have such wonderful speakers and exhibitors! By now, both speakers and exhibitors will have received either an "I'm Speaking" or We're Exhibiting" social media banner for LinkedIn and Twitter. We encourage you to share these on your social media accounts to let your colleagues, clients, and prospective clients know about the value you'll be bringing to #NICA2021. If you did not receive your social media banners, please reach out to: morgan.grubbs@infusioncenter.org.
It was a successful month in advocating for the value of receiving provider-administered medications in non-hospital care settings. NICA is always dedicated to ensuring that the community-based infusion center remains a safe, more efficient, and more cost-effective alternative to hospital care settings. With that said, here is a quick recap of some advocacy wins for patients and providers that we want to recognize and celebrate as we enter a new month:
NICA Joins Governor Pete Ricketts for a Virtual Bill Signing for Step Therapy Reform
NICA was able to participate in our first virtual bill signing for step therapy reform legislation with Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, State Senator Mark Kolterman, and Nebraska providers. This new law will help providers spend less time on administrative hang ups and more time providing the highest-quality care for their patients.
NICA Celebrates House Bill 1868 Extending the Moratorium on Medicare Sequestration
On April 14th, President Biden signed House Bill 1868 extending the moratorium on the Medicare sequestration that would have reduced provider payments by 2% annually through the end of 2021. This bill will provide temporary relief for infusion providers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
NICA Met with Rep Curtis’s (R-UT) Office to Discuss Common Sense Reimbursement Reform

NICA met with staffer, Brian Fahey, from Representative Curtis's office to advocate for the sustainability of non-hospital-based infusion centers as they provide the lowest cost for infusion care to patients in need. If reimbursement rates continue to decline, providers will have to close their doors and patients will be stuck seeking a higher cost option. We had a fruitful conversation with Representative Curtis's office and we are excited to continue the conversation in the coming weeks. Rep Curtis’s office may soon even tour a WASATCH INFUSION clinic to visit an infusion center in their own backyard.
As always, we appreciate your support. Thank you for your time,
Brian Nyquist, MPH
President & CEO, National Infusion Center Association
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