October 2012

It's October 2nd and it's the official release day of STARRY RIVER OF THE SKY!!! I'm throwing an online bookparty all day today on my blog!

I apologize right now for how STARRY-filled this newsletter is, but I'm so excited about this book. Not only do I think it may be my best novel yet, it's already received five starred reviews!  Rain Dragon, I admit is tad bit less enthusiastic but I think that is because I'm going to be dragging her places on our mini-book tour.

Below, see a sneak peak at some of the giveaways I'm announcing throughout the day during my online book party that I don't want you to miss. However, there's lots of other fun things going on at at the book party too, so don't forget to check in there during the day!
Enter the drawing and win your portrait! 

If you do this:
take a photo of yourself with
you could win this:
special edition pocket pacy!

And maybe even this:
it would be a portrait of you, not the baby!
 Yes, it's the giveaway I've been talking about! For those readers who live to far away to come to my bookstore parties, here's your chance get the goodies!
All you have to do is:

1) TAKE a photo of yourself with my book. It can be at the bookstore, at a library, anywhere! Just a photo of the book with YOU in it.
 2) POST or SHARE that photo to my facebook page (on the wall).(if you are not a facebook fan, you can e-mail me your photo at & I can post for you!
 3)Then, you are automatically entered into a drawing to win...
a special edition Pocket Pacy! Each one is handpainted by yours truly, with pearly purple and  little starry diamonds--in the honor of Starry River of the Sky
On Nov 3rd and on Dec.1st, I will draw the names out of a hat. There are nine Pocket Pacys so you post your photo before Nov. 3rd you have nine chances to win (you do not have to submit again if you don't win in the Nov. 3rd drawing). Winners announced on my blogfacebook page.
But there's more! On Dec 1st, I will do a drawing from all the participants for the Grand Prize...


I'll paint you from a photograph and you can keep the painting forever an ever!
That's right, so in for the next two months you have a chance to win a special edition pocket pacy and then a chance to for a portrait painting. All you have to do is post a photo of yourself with Starry River of the Sky!
So post (or send) those photos in now!  Can't wait to see you!
 Glow-in-the-dark sticker Giveaway and Event Kit!

Your group--classroom, book club, reading group can order these glow-in-the-dark stickers FREE! 

Remember when I was offering advanced reading copies to book clubs? I was really sad that I couldn't send one to every group that contacted me, but now I DO have something for everyone! Your book club, your classroom-- anyone who is reading and sharing Starry River of the Sky--  can order these specially made glow-in-the-dark stickers FREE! Yes, if you're a teacher reading the book to you class, you can order a sticker for each student. If your mother-daughter bookclub is reading Starry River of the Sky, each girl can have a sticker! For free. Go ahead and  order your stickers HERE (while supplies last}.

These stickers are part of  this event kit that goes with the book. Have your own Starry River of the Sky Book Party! With this event kit  readers can listen to Chinese legends and then, marked with the symbol of power, save the earth! A great way to excite a group of readers about the book!

Mini Book-Tour

As I mentioned about, I'm going on a book tour...a teeny-tiny, mini tour! Rain Dragon is only 4+ months old and while she's traveled well so far, I don't think I should push my luck.

But if you are nearby these places, please come!

Providence, RI
Sunday, October 7th  at 2pm
Books on the Square
471 Angell Street
(401) 331-9097

New Canaan, CT
Friday, October 12th at 4pm
New Canaan Public Library
151 Main Street

Madison, CT
Saturday, October 13th at 4pm
RJ Julia Booksellers
768 Boston Post Rd
(203) 245-3959 or (800) 74-READS

Barrington, RI
Saturday, October 20th, 12-3 (part of the Barrington Books Annual Children's Book Author Event) Barrington Books
184 County Rd

Starry River Book Trailer! 
Starry River of the Sky BookTrailer 
Starry River of the Sky BookTrailer

And to end today's newsletter is the Starry River of the Sky book trailer! I hope you have a good time at my online party and that you enjoy the book! 
See you in November!

Best Wishes,
Grace Lin