WEEKLY BULLETIN - June 16, 2022
From the Desk of Mike Fuerte
Dear St. Louise Parish School Families,

The 2021-2022 school year is coming to a close and I would like to thank everyone for all of their support since the beginning of the year. I remember what I wrote to all the school community in October when I became Interim Principal, and I would like to reflect on Jesus’ teaching, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 I truly believe that my faith, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit helped guide me in successfully leading the school for the past 8 months. 

We are so Blessed to have caring faculty, staff, teachers, families, and students at St. Louise Parish School. After we dismiss at noon today and enjoy the school picnic and say goodbyes to our families and friends, I look forward to the summer and the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. I am looking forward to working with you and the faculty and staff to ensure that St. Louise continues its tradition of excellence and that your children will enjoy going to school each day and love learning. Our goal is to continue to assist families in the formation of their children as faith-filled people. We are a diverse community, and we celebrate the whole child recognizing that each person has a role in the Kingdom of God. As our school philosophy says, “We strive to form a community in which the presence of God is deeply experienced and to promote serving others as modeled by Jesus.” 
To plan for what’s ahead for the new school year, especially as it relates to any summer happenings and fall engagements, I’d ask you returning parents to please spend time now to familiarize yourself with the information that was given in your red envelope last week. In addition, I’ll be emailing you a few times in August, and Mindy and Tracy in the school office will be postal mailing you a packet of materials in late summer to update you on summer news and remind you of upcoming deadlines. Please email me or office@stlouiseschool.org if you have any questions. Have a wonderful, restful, and safe summer!
God Bless!
Mr. Mike Fuerte
St. Louise Parish School
Final School Days Will include Liturgy, Yearbooks, and Farewell Gifts
The end of the school year is today, Thursday, June 16th, 2022 being our final day! On this last day, we annually hold an end-of-year liturgy, followed by an all-school picnic. We are going to have a picnic this year with a special surprise of a taco truck, ready to take your orders between 11:30am-1:00pm. Please see your insert from your red envelope last week. 
For the end-of-year liturgy earlier that morning, we are going to come together in church and announce surprise recipients of student awards. We will also say goodbye to departing students and families as well as teachers, staff, and Fr. Ben. All parents are welcome to join us during our morning liturgy.
What we need ALL parents to do on this last day of the school year is to be aware school dismisses right after the liturgy! Your children will be bringing home their yearbooks (if you ordered them) and all their school supplies. Clear space in your vehicles! Then head out to your favorite picnic spot on the green lawn or if the weather is not great, we will open up the Parish Hall!
If you would like to send your own "best wishes" to the departing teachers, you may drop off cards to the school office or directly email them. If you have any end-of-year gifts for your children's teachers and other faculty members, you may drop off them at the office too. You can also find their Charger Cards wish list HERE.


  • 40 hours of volunteering or payment of $21 per hour
  • Donation to the Annual Fund
  • Procure or donate $250 to the Auction
  • Bring in $125 in rebates from your Charger Card Purchases – or opt out of the program for $250
  • Procure or donate to the Walk-A-Thon - $95 for one child or $190 for families with 2+ children
Please note that if your annual commitments are not completed, your child/children’s report card will be held until your family is up to date with them. If you are unsure of your status, or have a concern about your ability to complete these commitments, please call or email me directly, ASAP.
Returning Students Have Summer Learning in June/July/August
As you plan for all the fun adventures and exciting family trips your children will be having over the summer, please keep in mind that summer is also an excellent opportunity to keep inquisitive minds active and engaged! Research shows that summer learning loss equals at least one month of instruction. Knowing this causes parents and teachers to think about how to best keep academic skills sharp over the summer while also using the time to improve upon or master some lagging academic skills.
St. Louise Parish School RECOMMENDS certain academic work be completed on a regular/daily basis over summer vacation, and in some specific grade levels and/or subject matter we REQUIRE this work over summer vacation. 
Please go to our SUMMER LEARNING page and click on the various topics on the righthand column to see what your child SHOULD or MUST complete throughout June, July, and August. You will also receive information in your red envelope today. Thank you for your support! 

Our School Calendar for Next Year Has Been Finalized
The school calendar for 2022-23 has been finalized, with a September 6, 2022, start date and a June 16, 2023 end date. All the school events, Masses, concerts, teacher conference days, and school holidays in between these two dates are now listed HERE.
We appreciate school families setting up their family vacation based on the school calendar.
If you subscribe to our virtual calendar, you'll have every school event handily in your smartphone's/computer's calendar. Simply hit the “Subscribe” link on our Events/Calendar page: http://www.stlouiseschool.org/apps/events/.
If you would like to print out a hard copy of each individual month from August 2022 to June 2023, there are easy steps:
1)   Click on “Calendar View" on the right side of this page;
2)   Click on “Print” for each calendar month you scroll to using the arrows in the upper left corner. 

Announcement of Additional Faculty and Kids Club change
Today, I would like to announce two more additions to our school faculty. First, I would like to announce our new 3rd Grade Teacher joining Mrs. Berlin and her name is Joanna Bean. Joanna has been working as a second-grade teacher over the last couple years at St. Joseph Parish School in Issaquah/Snoqualmie. She is originally from southern Illinois and received her Bachelor of Science in speech-language therapy from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Joanna then decided she wanted her own classroom, so she obtained a Master of Teaching from Kansas State University, and it was the best decision she has ever made. According to Joanna, “My students bring me so much joy, and I truly feel it is my calling to teach. My goal is to always create a classroom where students feel comfortable, enjoy learning, and treat each other with respect and kindness. I can’t wait to share my knowledge with your children and learn from them too. We are going to have a great year!”

Kati Fitzgerald will be our new 6th grade teacher. She was raised in the Chicago suburbs and has been living in Washington for four years where she has taught STEM in early, education, 1st grade and worked with English language learners at Mercer Island High School before teaching 6th and 7th grade social studies in Renton. Before coming to Washington, she lived in Italy where she was active in her church, and taught English in the Tuscan public school system working with a range of students from preschool through high school. Her focus was exam preparation. Kati is married and has a son, Francesco, who is starting 6th grade. She has a passion for teaching and building strong relationships with students, staff and families. Mrs. Fitzgerald and her family have been parishioners at St. Louise for the last three years and the transition to teaching for the school is a happy one. She looks forward to welcoming her new students this September and wishes all students and their families a restful summer after a hard years' work.
One final announcement is our new staff for Kids’ Club Before and After School Program. Our new Kids’ Club Director and Pre-K Instructional Assistant will be Marilu De La Torre. Marilu has been working at Kids’ Club for numerous years under Maria Zambrano and this year has helped the Pre-K Extended Day as well as helping as an Instructional Assistant in the primary grades. Joining Marilu De La Torre as our Assistant Kids’ Club Director and Pre-K Instructional Assistant is current St. Louise parent Lavina Goveas. Lavina has experience working with children she has helped in Kids’ Club and in Pre-K throughout the year. To round out the staff in Kids’ Club next year will be Jesus Cruz. Jesus has worked for the Parish in various roles from maintenance work to working with students in the Spanish Youth Group. He has also been a Catechist for both First Communion and Confirmation. Maria Zambrano will still be at St. Louise as she will be transitioning into her new role as our SEL Specialist, Afternoon Pre-K Lead Teacher, and Director of Extracurricular Activities.
Upcoming Events

  • End of the School Year Prayer Service & Picnic - 10:30am
  • New Family Orientation - 6:30pm
  • Report Cards Mailed
  • School Office Re-Opens - 7:30-3:00 daily
Last Day of School Liturgy & Picnic
Graduation Wrap Up
The last week has been a busy one for the 8th Grade Class and their families as they celebrated their time here at St. Louise. Congratulations to all of the Graduates!

The following 8th graders were recognized with awards/scholarships at the Commencement Ceremony last Thursday:

  • Knights of Columbus Scholarships were awarded to Alaina Harris and Colby Jensen
  • St. Louise de Marillac Christian Spirit Awards were given to Becca Blank and Michael Charles
  • Leadership Awards were given to Brooke Nowak, Sarah Tano and Emmanuel Vimal
  • Respect Human Life Essay Award Winners
  • 1st Place: Sammy Kujath (Death Penalty)
  • 2nd Place Tie: Elisa Castillo-Cayon and Camila Soto (Abortion)
  • 3rd Place: Ellie Nightingale (Human Trafficking)
  • Christian Athlete Award were given to Jane Clinton and Michael Charles
  • Class Speaker (as voted on by his classmates and teachers): Anthony Caso
  • Valedictorians: Emmanuel Vimal, Becca Blank, Aliana Cruz and Briony Brown
  • Community Leadership Awards (City of Bellevue): Anthony Caso
  • Catholic high schools’ merit scholarships, speech scholarships, and admissions honors:
  • Eastside Catholic: Alaina Harris. Luke Mervin, Michael Jamer, Kylie Mineiro, Camila Soto, and Colby Jensen
  • Holy Names Academy: Becca Blank and Ramona Kaukl
  • Seattle Prep: Brooke Nowak, Emmanuel Vimal, and Ellie Nightingale
  • Merit Scholarships for Catholic Math League
  • Pre-Algebra First Place: Aliana Cruz
  • Pre-Algebra Second Place: Emmanuel Vimal
  • Pre-Algebra Third Place: Elina Phan

In addition to all of the student awards handed out during the Graduation Ceremonies - three parents were honored with the Volunteer Extraordinaire award for the 2021-22 School Year. Please congratulate and thank Colleen Nowak, Paul McCulloch and Veronique Tano for their years of service to St. Louise School. Parent Volunteers like them are the glue that helps hold our community together!

Please take a minute to check out the photos below of some of the fun from many of the graduation activities from the 8th grade picnic, faculty vs. 8th grade volleyball game, graduation ceremony and more!
CYO FALL Soccer - Sign Up Now!
Discounted Registration Available until Aug 11
Save the Date - Parish Picnic August 7th
Click here to register
4th Grade Marketplace
Auction Parties are Awesome!
This spring has seen many fun Auction Parties taking place - from teacher outings like the 2nd grade bowling event, to the Mom-osa Garden Soiree! If you are interested in planning one of these fun themed parties to sell at the Auction in 2023, please reach out to our Auction Chairs at auction@stlouiseschool.org.
More School News


Did you know you can still order free at home COVID tests - even if you've already gotten some?

Click here to order from the USPS or here to order from Washington State DOH

Mark your Calendars for these upcoming events:

  • June 16 - NOON Dismissal - Last day of School!! Prayer service @ 10:30, Family Picnic @11:30
  • June 20 - New Family Orientation - 6:30pm
  • June 28 - Report Cards Mailed Home
  • June 29-July 31 - Office Closed
  • August 1 - School Office Re-Opens daily 7:30-3:00
Thank you to all of our amazing parent volunteers!
Thank you to John Spaith and Juliana Costa for helping clean and organize the Auction Office!

If you know of a volunteer doing great work and want to recognize them, simply email their name and what they do to socialmedia@stlouiseschool.org.

Want to volunteer - check out available opportunities here!
The Pastor's Message
Dear Friends at St. Louise,

As we celebrate the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, we celebrate our greatest treasure, the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the “source and summit” of our lives as Christians – all we do leads from it and back to it again.

The first way we experience the Eucharist is in the active celebration of the Mass. Catholics are sometimes surprised to learn that, of all the symbols that appear in the Mass, the very first is the assembly of believers. Wouldn’t the bread and wine that becomes the very Body and Blood of Christ be the first? But think about why Christ left us his body and blood in the Eucharist . . . so that we could be one with him, that we could be members of his very own mystical body, the Church!

As members of Christ’s body, each one of us has a unique role, a purpose for which he created us. This is reflected in the roles of the different ministers in the liturgy. The choir sings, so that the assembly will have the support they need to sing. The Minister of the Word proclaims the word of God, so that we may hear and live the word of God in our lives. The deacon or priest preaches the word, so that we may better understand what the word of God – ever ancient, ever new – means for our times. The priest or bishop leads the community in the Eucharistic Prayer, so that the whole Church can offer a fitting sacrifice of praise to God. The altar servers and sacristans help to keep good order in the celebration, so that we will not be distracted in our prayer.

A second way that we experience the Eucharist is through Eucharistic Adoration. I encourage you to consider making use of our 24/7 Eucharist Chapel. Registered parishioners may obtain a key fob at the Parish Office that will allow you to enter the chapel when the office is closed. Be sure to notice that you can register for a fob on Sundays – stop by after Mass and Michael at the front desk can help you.

We are changing our Mass schedule for the summer months – there will be no 5PM Sunday Mass from July 3 through September 4. There are several reasons for making this change. Weekend Mass attendance normally drops as people travel during the summer. This is especially true this year, as COVID restrictions are easing. Quite a number of our key liturgical ministers were born outside of the US and, after two years of waiting, they are anxious to visit family in their country of origin. This added to other parishioners’ travel means that covering all the ministries all summer will be a significant challenge. Also, we will be celebrating Mass in the Parish Hall for a good part of the summer due to the painting project. From my experience in other parishes, when we have had to be out of the church for some kind of project, some people choose to go to other parishes. Finally, our new priest, Fr. Josh Nehnevaj, will be away for two weeks and I will be away for one full weekend this summer, and finding replacement presiders is never easy. (For those who need to attend Mass on Sunday evenings, Holy Family in Kirkland will still have Sunday evening Mass.) We will continue with two Masses in English, 5PM on Saturday evening and 9AM Sunday morning, and two in Spanish, 11AM and 1PM on Sundays. (We may experiment with the 11AM being offered in both English and Spanish for the weekends we are in the Parish Hall. More on that later.) We look forward to being back in the church by mid-August and back with the 5PM Sunday Mass the second weekend of September. Thank you for your patience.

I wish all of our fathers and grandfathers and father figures a happy Fathers’ Day! We love and thank you! And I hope many of you will join us for today’s Juneteenth prayer service (June 19, 3:30-4:30PM).

Fr. Gary Zender
This week's fun has included our Principal for the Day - Winnie Wang
and two baby showers for Mrs. Cervantes!
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