WEEKLY BULLETIN - April 14, 2022
From the Desk of Mike Fuerte
Dear Families,

Holy Thursday
Today is Holy Thursday, the commemoration of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ. This is where Jesus establishes the Sacrament of Holy Communion before his arrest and crucifixion. The holy day falls on the Thursday before Easter and is part of Holy Week. Jesus celebrated a dinner, The Last Supper and he would fulfill his role as a Christian victim of the Passover for all to be saved by his final sacrifice.
The Last Supper was the final meal Jesus shared with his Disciples in Jerusalem. During the meal, Jesus predicts his betrayal. This event is celebrated at every Mass, as party of the Liturgy of the Eucharist, but it is specially commemorated on Holy Thursday.

He also establishes the special priesthood for his disciples, which is distinct from the "priesthood of all believers." Christ washed the feet of his Disciples, who would become the first priests.
This establishment of the priesthood reenacted at Mass with the priest washing the feet of several parishioners.

During the Passover meal, Jesus breaks bread and gives it to his Disciples, uttering the words, "This is my body, which is given for you." Subsequently, he passes a cup filled with wine. He then says, "This is my blood..." It is believed those who eat of Christ's flesh and blood shall have eternal life.
The Last Supper is celebrated daily in the Catholic Church as part of every Mass for it is through Christ's sacrifice that we have been saved.
Today, as we commemorate the first Eucharistic miracle that would continue for 2,000 years daily on altars throughout the world, may each of us continue to be amazed and humbled by the fact that God not only sent His Son into our midst to die for us, but also to remain physically in our midst through the wonderful sacrament of the Eucharist. Let's not let this opportunity pass - let's all get ourselves and our children to Mass this Easter Sunday.
May the resurrection of our Savior give your life meaning and joy!
Auction Update!
What an amazing evening celebrating 60 years of St. Louise at the SHINE BRIGHT AUCTION! Huge thanks go out to Laura Bonner and the many volunteers that helped make the evening such a success. The final numbers are still coming in, but we are happy to say that we will net over $300,000. A highlight of the evening was the frenzied bidding for the “Fund the Future” Pre-K Expansion which raised over $130,000! Thank you to all the amazing supporters, including many alumni parents whose attendance and generosity are a testament to their commitment to, and appreciation, of Catholic Education.

Be sure to check out some of the fun pictures in the gallery below!
Updates on Personnel Changes – Maria Zambrano
All learning has an emotional base.—PLATO
You may know me as Ms. Zambrano, the Kids’ Club Director, Extra-Curricular Activities Director and a Pre-K lead instructor here at St. Louise. But starting in April, I will be turning my energies to a new ministry: Social Emotional Learning Specialist. I believe this is a pivotal new position in continuing the direction of our school community towards the St. Louise Way of integrity, compassion and fortitude.
Traditionally, learning focused solely on academic achievement. Today, we understand learning encompasses academics /social/emotional/spiritual advancement. My work as Social Emotional Learning Specialist, first and foremost, will be to listen to students’ concerns and help students express their thoughts and emotions more constructively through empathy and communication. I will partner with teachers/administrators, families and the community to assist students in developing a “toolbox" of practical strategies for dealing with what we and others perceive. We will work on strengthening skills such as goal-setting, problem solving, self-confidence, social connections and resilience.
In this new ministry, I will focus on our Catholic faith and values in a deliberate and thoughtful way. I pray that my own search for compassion, care and understanding of God/self/others will motivate and inspire students to live authentic lives; make more meaningful choices; and be more aligned with the Saint Louise Way.
In terms of my qualifications, I am a lifelong educator who has spent 30 years working with students. I have two years of Law education at Universidad Externado de Colombia; I hold Associate Degrees in Early Childhood Education, Paraprofessional Accounting and Software Testing Designer. I am a certified leadership/life coach through Clarity Compass and I’m currently working through the Spiritual Director Training Program at Franciscan Spiritual Center. As varied as my life's journey has been, God's path has always led me to working with children and holding my faith as my most important tool through life. 
I am excited to take on this new role. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Nominations Needed
 We have wonderful volunteers at St. Louise School, and each June we honor 3 of them with the Volunteer Extraordinaire Awards. I am asking both you and the faculty to nominate volunteers to be considered for this award. Nominees should have a history of dedicated, positive volunteering for the St. Louise School community. Past recipients of the award (who are still current school parents) include: Rebecca Nightingale, Joni Hoffman, and Ingrid Flaat. Do you have a fellow parent(s) to nominate? If so, please send your nomination to Mr. Fuerte, along with an explanation of why the person deserves to be considered. Thanks for your help!
Blessings on your Easter celebration, and prayers for a happy Easter vacation!
Mike Fuerte
Upcoming Events

  • Holy Thursday Prayer Service - 9am
  • Good Friday Stations of the Cross
  • NOON Dismissal - Easter Break Begins
  • Walk-A-Thon Kickoff Assembly
Congratulations to the following 7th and 8th grade 2nd trimester honor roll students!

Lorenzo Abueg, Kate Banic, Becca Blank, Ellison Brown, Briony Brown, Anthony Caso, Jane Clinton, Aliana Cruz, Sam Cuevas, Colby Jensen, Ben Juhasz, Ramona Kaukl, Christina Kehdy, Ocean Kincaid, Sammy Kujath, Raneisha Lagunero, Java Macatangay, Kayla McCulloch, Kylie Mineiro, Jensen Muller, Pia Munar, Elina Nartates, Ellie Nightingale, Brooke Nowak, Elina Phan, John Pokorny, Katelyn Rabon, Mary Salmon, Camila Soto, Sarah Tano, Mateo Vargas, Emmanuel Vimal, May Wang, Dhani Widodo, Blake Wilken
CYO Volleyball Update
Congratulations to our Volleyball Teams!

4th Grade Co-Ed - Undefeated
5th Grade Girls - Undefeated
8th Grade Girls - Advanced to Playoffs

Go, Chargers!

Track & Field Registration Open Now!

Track and field starts April 26! This CYO program is open to all 4th-8th graders. Registration deadline is April 15.


Cost: $65

Information about events and eligibility can be found at:

Volunteers and coaches: Please register as a volunteer / coach on the Team Sideline registration page above. Please make sure you have completed the Play Like a Champion training or are registered for one taking place this year.

More info on how to register can be found here: 

If you missed the initial email sent to families last week, please contact coach Lara Kierlin at lkierlin@gmail.com and she will forward you the meet and practice schedules.

Advocacy and Caring for Children Fundraiser
Register Now for Cosmos for a Cause
The Father Mychal Judge Circle of ACC (Advocacy and Caring for Children)  will be holding their 11th annual Cosmos for a Cause event at St. Louise School on May 19th. Please join us! All are welcome and encouraged to attend this fun event which includes Hors d’oeuvres, cosmos, wine and desserts and features a silent auction of wonderful items! Every dollar raised goes to support agencies in the Seattle and Eastside area serving children and families living on the margins. The Father Mychal Judge Circle is made up entirely of St. Louise School alumni parents – we look forward to seeing you, celebrating, and supporting our community together!
Summer Camp & Booster Bunch - Sign up Now!
Summer Learning for Students

Help prevent “summer slump” by signing your students for these two special programs in August running here at St. Louise:

Summer Booster Program: Join our Booster Bunch in August 2-4 to help your students get a head start on September’s classes. St. Louise teachers will design fun lessons to minimize summer learning loss and put students on the fast-track to fall academic preparedness. Booster Bunch students entering grades 1-5 will receive instruction on material from the recently completed school year - a terrific opportunity for more practice to confidently begin a new grade level.

For additional information or to register to Booster camp, please visit Summer Booster Program

Chargers Summer Camps (Weekly August 1-26)

All aboard as we embark on epic One-Week summer camps filled with fun, discovery, and excitement. Anchored in strong character and faith, we'll set a course for grand adventures as we blast through scientific discoveries, art exploration, outdoor games, and more!

For additional information or to register, please visit Chargers Summer Camps

Limited spaces are available in each of these programs. Please email MariaZ@stlouiseschool.org if you have any questions about these Summer programs.
Student Learning Expectation (SLE) for April
Student Learning Expectations (otherwise known as SLEs) are expectations that our students should know, understand, value, and be able to do by the time they graduate from St. Louise School.
April's SLE is:

A St. Louise Student is A Well-Balanced Individual Who:

3.2 Develops mind, body, and spirit by experiencing the arts and participating in physical activity.

Saturday April 30 and May 21
Volunteers Needed
Volunteers needed. Please join us on Saturdays, April 30 and May 21 from 8 to 11 AM to help with spring yard work on campus. We have garden areas that vary in size that are great for a solo volunteer, for two people or for an entire family – the more the merrier.

 Please bring your own work gloves and hand-held weeding tool. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone that needs volunteer hours for school or work. Please sign-up at tiny.one/spruceup.



So many volunteers made our auction a success! Margie Clinton and Paul McCulloch have led our accounting team for another great year! Rachael Rivera-Wong, Cheronne Wong and Monica Chen also volunteered for our accounting team.

Special projects were completed by Edna Hewett, Carly Bixhorn, Melanie Gonzalez, Anahid Alvarez, Ashley Wojnarski and Meghan Waldron. Kim Valentine created an auction night video display. Jenn Newton, Peter Newton and Joni Hoffman designed and edited our catalog.

A dedicated team of volunteers moved everything from the auction office to the Westin, set up beautiful displays at the Westin, and moved everything back after the event. Thank you, Rey and Rochelle Lagunero, and your team, including: Joe & Shawna Pacheco, Abigail & Dominic Eala, Cheronne Wong, Matthew Brennan, Araceli Santiago, Cesar Perez, Ashley Santiago, Andrew Widodo, Gretchen Wiseman, Edelmira Solares, Maria Juarez, Cris Veloz, Ana Gonzalez, Jon Olayao, Aila Olayao, Adriana Alvarez and Elise Hueffed.

Erika Mervin and Marinell Zevenbergen arranged our table assignments. Mindy Morgan and Marianne Moriarty helped with entering reservations into the Auction Software. Angie Ogilvy, Erika Mervin, Tracy Brown, Jane Reynolds and Rayme Teders created our table decorations.

Gretchen Wiseman and Amy Colby led the wine procurement and inventory and both also helped on Auction Day coordinating with Westin Hotel Staff.

Sharon Victor, Eugene Titov, Amy Wilken and Amy Colby created the awesome Black & White Photos and Table Mementos.

The Dessert Dash team, led by Babna Rose Simon and Laura VanNoy, created a beautiful display of delicious treats.

Mark Magnotti led our wonderful team of Auction Night volunteers, including John D’Costa, Araceli Santiago, Yodit Kebreab, Sara Jordan, Adam & Allie Pfleger, and student volunteers Ashely Santiago, Camille Mittelette, Emily D’Costa, Melissa D’Costa, Noah Wong, Ethan Reed, Matthew Brennan and Simone Cimprich.
BOOK FAIR RETURNS - Volunteers Needed!
More School News

Volleyball Coordinator Needed for 2022-23 School Year

Mark your Calendars for these upcoming events:

  • April 14 - Holy Thursday Prayer Service - 9:00am
  • April 15 - Good Friday Stations of the Cross
  • April 15 - NOON Dismissal
  • April 18-22 - Easter Break
  • April 25 - Return to School from Easter Break
  • April 28 - Walk A Thon Kickoff Assembly
  • April 30 - Saturday Spring Spruce Up
  • May 1 - Book Fair Begins
Thank you to all of our amazing parent volunteers!
Thank you!

Thank you to Jennifer Little, Ashley Wojnarski, The Zappala Family, Abigail Eala and Karen Salmon for their help delivering Welcome Bags to our newly admitted families!
If you know of a volunteer doing great work and want to recognize them, simply email their name and what they do to socialmedia@stlouiseschool.org.

Want to volunteer - check out available opportunities here!
The Pastor's Message
Dear Friends at St. Louise,

Happy Easter to everyone! No matter if you are a long-time parishioner, new to St. Louise, or a visitor, it is truly a great joy to celebrate with you this day that makes the Christian faith possible. Easter Sunday, the day of the Lord’s resurrection, has changed everything. No longer are we and all of Creation subject to sin and death – all things in the end lead to new life through Christ. For this reason, faithful disciples of Jesus see every Sunday as the Lord’s Day, the day to remember that Christ conquered sin and death through the power of his resurrection.

These are days when it feels like we are coming out of the tomb of the pandemic. People are feeling much freer to go about their former activities. Here at St. Louise, we have seen a significant increase of attendance at Mass beginning the Sunday before Lent. Ministries and parish gatherings are starting to come back to life. We still show some caution, especially for the sake of the vulnerable, out of true love and care from them and for ourselves. We are learning to live with the coronavirus, the contagion that causes COVID-19. This is not altogether different from what it means to live our lives with the contagion of sin. People constantly ask, “If God is love, why is there so much evil in the world? Why does God permit the death and destruction of the war in Ukraine, for instance?” Here is insight that I found helpful on a retreat nearly 45 years ago: The battle is won, but we are still cleaning up the mess.” Yes, we know the end of the story. At the end of time, death and suffering will be no more. Until then, Jesus invites us to mature discipleship, and to actively help to “clean up the mess.”

One exciting recent development at St. Louise is our sister parish and school relationship with Ste Anne de Hyacynthe in Haiti. We are working in partnership with former St. Louise pastor, Fr. Tom Belleque, and his current parish (and my former parish) of St. Anthony in Renton. Amazing things have happened in the nearly 10 years that St. Anthony has had a covenant-sister parish and school relationship in Haiti. They are, in some ways, a victim of their success! St. Anthony’s has been able to provide Ste. Anne’s parish school with the funding for the teachers’ salaries and one hot meal a day for the students. In that 10 years Ste. Anne School has grown from barely 60 students to over 370, and now includes the high school grades. As Fr. Tom said to me, St. Anthony does not have the “bandwidth” to keep up with the wonderful growth of Ste. Anne School. This is where we at St. Louise are stepping in. Are you interested in serving on St. Louise’s “Standing with Haiti” committee? Just let me or our Parish Administrator, Jonathan (JT) Taasan, know. Are you interested in making a gift to help keep Ste. Anne School in Haiti successful and growing? You are most welcome to make a financial gift online or to mail or drop off your gift at the parish.

This is one exciting example of the ways we’re coming back to life, as we learn how to live with COVID‑19. Sickness and death are not over and done with – but the power that they once held over us, is. Jesus is truly risen from the dead! He is risen indeed, Alleluia!
Fr. Gary Zender
Guests were SHINING BRIGHT at the Auction Last Weekend!
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