WEEKLY BULLETIN - April 7, 2022
From the Desk of Mike Fuerte
Dear Families,

Easter Triduum at St. Louise
Next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday represent the Sacred Triduum in the Catholic Church's calendar, and at St. Louise School we begin with a Holy Thursday Prayer Service at 9AM. This will be in the church and attended by all grades. All parents and families are invited. 3A will be leading the Prayer Service.
The next day is Good Friday, and we will continue the St. Louise tradition of having our 8th graders lead all classes in walking the Stations of the Cross outdoors. Each homeroom has a specific time they will walk the Stations on April 15, beginning outside the front entrance of the school. If any parents/grandparents wish to join their children, your children's teachers will let you know at what time you should be waiting outside (near the flagpole. No need to come inside for a nametag.)
(Please remember - we dismiss school at 12:00 on Friday, April 15, and begin Easter Vacation.)
At St. Louise Parish, there are a variety of opportunities to come to church for prayer and liturgies during Holy Week. Look here for information, as well as to find Mass times for
Easter and see below for a quick schedule.

Updates on Personnel Changes

I would like to announce that our current Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hoffman will be moving to PreK next year as our 2nd Lead Teacher in our new 2nd PreK classroom. Mrs. Hoffman, before working at St. Louise, was a PreK Teacher at Highland Christian. With her expertise and knowledge of the PreK curriculum, I believe she and Mrs. Blank will make an excellent PreK team. I will now be posting a Kindergarten position and hopefully will find a new Kindergarten teacher in the next few weeks.
After Father Gary’s announcement of my permanent position as St. Louise’s principal, I will be looking for a new Vice Principal to join my administration team next year. I will be posting the position and will be interviewing candidates in the next few weeks.

Charger Cards - Co-Chairs Needed for the 2022-23 School Year

The CHARGER CARDS' current co-chairs, Tiffany Neuman and Erica Lizotte, are ready to train their replacements to run the program in 2022-23. Charger Cards requires a commitment of a few hours for one day a week to lead an established committee of volunteers in filling orders and distributing cards. Much work may be done on your own time and from your own computer at home. Email Tiffany and Erica to learn more, including to hear about how partial tuition-stipends come along with the job!

Carpool Drop-off and Pickup Reminders from Mr. Evans, Mrs. Zambrano, and Mr. Fuerte
Please refer to the “Carpool Traffic Regulations” and “Traffic Pattern Maps” sheets for the correct procedures to follow when dropping children off or picking them up from school. The maximum speed limit at all times on the parish grounds is 5 m.p.h. To maintain a safe environment, Safety Patrol students will report to the administration the license plates of cars who are not following school traffic regulations.

Nominations Needed
We have wonderful volunteers at St. Louise School, and each June we honor 3 of them with the Volunteer Extraordinaire Awards. I am asking both you and the faculty to nominate volunteers to be considered for this award. Nominees should have a history of dedicated, positive volunteering for the St. Louise School community. Past recipients of the award (who are still current school parents) include: Rebecca Nightingale, Joni Hoffman, and Ingrid Flaat. Do you have a fellow parent(s) to nominate? If so, please send your nomination to Mr. Fuerte, along with an explanation of why the person deserves to be considered. Thanks for your help!

Quiz Question
Question: Since 1969 in the Catholic Church, on what day does Lent traditionally end?
1st and 4th person to answer the question correctly will get an Amazon or Starbucks Gift Card.

Blessings for the Lenten Season!

Mike Fuerte
Upcoming Events

  • Shine Bright Auction!
  • Holy Thursday Prayer Service - 9am
  • Good Friday Stations of the Cross
  • NOON Dismissal - Easter Break Begins
Congratulations to the following 7th and 8th grade 2nd trimester honor roll students!

Lorenzo Abueg, Kate Banic, Becca Blank, Ellison Brown, Briony Brown, Anthony Caso, Jane Clinton, Aliana Cruz, Sam Cuevas, Colby Jensen, Ben Juhasz, Ramona Kaukl, Christina Kehdy, Ocean Kincaid, Sammy Kujath, Raneisha Lagunero, Java Macatangay, Kayla McCulloch, Kylie Mineiro, Jensen Muller, Pia Munar, Elina Nartates, Ellie Nightingale, Brooke Nowak, Elina Phan, John Pokorny, Katelyn Rabon, Mary Salmon, Camila Soto, Sarah Tano, Mateo Vargas, Emmanuel Vimal, May Wang, Dhani Widodo, Blake Wilken
Learn More about Ukraine
Please take a minute to read the following from the Titov/Lemarchand Family about Ukraine:

Dear St Louise community, we are a multi-national family: I am Ukrainian, my wife Delphine is French, and our daughter Cyrielle was born in Paris, France. We moved to Bellevue, WA in 2018 and we were blessed with our son Alexis who was born in 2021. We call United States our home now, while a big part of our family is in Europe: France, Spain and Ukraine...

Ukraine is currently going through very dark times: 6 weeks ago, a war in Ukraine has started when on 2/24/2022 the Russian authoritarian regime invaded the country. The war caused the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since WW2: most of the cities are constantly being bombarded, some cities are even besieged with people trapped inside the city without water, food, heat, electricity... Several thousands of civilians have already died, including hundreds of children. Almost 4 million of Ukrainians fled the country and 10 million Ukrainians are displaced within the country - mainly women and children as men stay to defend their homes and their country. Our family managed to flee the capital city of Kyiv, and now they are refugees in their own country: they are sheltered in Western Ukraine.  
As a multi-cultural family, we strongly believe that there should be no place for war in the 21st century. We all should respect different cultures and languages and respect each country's borders and integrity. The USA has been playing a leading role in helping Ukraine in this conflict and we and all the Ukrainians are very grateful to you. But the war is still going on, and we need to do more. We would be very grateful if you could pay attention to this conflict and help the Ukrainian people defend themselves against this invasion: talk around and explain what's going on in Ukraine, support the humanitarian help for the Ukrainian refugees here and in Europe, ask your representatives to contribute more to end this war.
Last but not least important, we kindly ask you to continue praying for a better world, more peaceful and less violent, where words and arguments own a major role instead of cruelty and destructions. We encourage you to pray with us and with all the Ukrainians for the return of the peace in Ukraine, our beautiful country, to pray for all the refugees to rebuild their homes, and to pray for the fallen to find the eternal peace.

Eugene TITOV and Delphine LEMARCHAND
Track & Field Registration Open Now!

Track and field starts April 26! This CYO program is open to all 4th-8th graders. Registration deadline is April 15.


Cost: $65

Information about events and eligibility can be found at:

Volunteers and coaches: Please register as a volunteer / coach on the Team Sideline registration page above. Please make sure you have completed the Play Like a Champion training or are registered for one taking place this year.

More info on how to register can be found here: 

If you missed the initial email sent to families last week, please contact coach Lara Kierlin at lkierlin@gmail.com and she will forward you the meet and practice schedules.

Summer Camp & Booster Bunch - Sign up Now!
Summer Learning for Students

Help prevent “summer slump” by signing your students for these two special programs in August running here at St. Louise:

Summer Booster Program: Join our Booster Bunch in August 2-4 to help your students get a head start on September’s classes. St. Louise teachers will design fun lessons to minimize summer learning loss and put students on the fast-track to fall academic preparedness. Booster Bunch students entering grades 1-5 will receive instruction on material from the recently completed school year - a terrific opportunity for more practice to confidently begin a new grade level.

For additional information or to register to Booster camp, please visit Summer Booster Program

Chargers Summer Camps (Weekly August 1-26)

All aboard as we embark on epic One-Week summer camps filled with fun, discovery, and excitement. Anchored in strong character and faith, we'll set a course for grand adventures as we blast through scientific discoveries, art exploration, outdoor games, and more!

For additional information or to register, please visit Chargers Summer Camps

Limited spaces are available in each of these programs. Please email MariaZ@stlouiseschool.org if you have any questions about these Summer programs.
Student Learning Expectation (SLE) for March
Student Learning Expectations (otherwise known as SLEs) are expectations that our students should know, understand, value, and be able to do by the time they graduate from St. Louise School.
March's SLE is:

A St. Louise Student is An Active Christian Who…

1.2 Knows Roman Catholic teachings and traditions and
has a working knowledge of the Bible.
1.3 Actively participates in the service for which God calls us

SLE of the Month – March (Class Updates)
A St. Louise Student is An Active Christian Who…
1.2 Knows Roman Catholic teachings and traditions and has a working knowledge of the Bible.
1.3 Actively participates in the service for which God calls us
In Mr. Walker’s Junior High Social Studies classes, they talked about being Active Christians and how our Catholic faith impacts many of the topics they are studying – particularly when morality comes up. In 8th grade, this has led to discussions about whether the United States’ involvement in the Spanish-American War and WWI was just according to Christian values. In 7th grade, this has come up in their discussions of representation and voting rights – as the vote expanded in the 1820s, which groups were still left out and how our Christian faith calls us to be inclusive.
In Mrs. Curry’s Kindergarten class, they participated in the service that God calls us to participate in by completing their service project for MEOW Cat Rescue. They were able to donate a trunk load of supplies and food to a very appreciative animal shelter. The kids had fun learning about helping animals and how to help God’s creatures and what service in the community means. 
Our St. Louise 4th graders are active Christians who Know the teachings and traditions of the Bible. They used the Bible to look up the love verses in February and in March they were finding their Daily Lenten Journey verses. They are actively participating in the service of God as they did the Stations of the Cross Services in the hall for students and parents to reflect in prayer while listening and watching.  
Saturday April 30 and May 21
Volunteers Needed
Volunteers needed. Please join us on Saturdays, April 30 and May 21 from 8 to 11 AM to help with spring yard work on campus. We have garden areas that vary in size that are great for a solo volunteer, for two people or for an entire family – the more the merrier.

 Please bring your own work gloves and hand-held weeding tool. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone that needs volunteer hours for school or work. Please sign-up at tiny.one/spruceup.



Silent Auction Bidding is Live Now! Click here to bid on many fun items including an Oculus Quest VR System, Massage Package, Auto Detailing and even the 2nd Grade Class Art Project! Don't miss out on an opportunity to bid on these items all while supporting St. Louise School.

Please reach out to Laura Bonner at auction@stlouiseschool.org with any questions!
BOOK FAIR RETURNS - Volunteers Needed!
More School News

Volleyball Coordinator Needed for 2022-23 School Year

Mark your Calendars for these upcoming events:

  • April 4-8 - Auction Preview Week & Silent Auctions
  • April 8 - Families Welcome to attend morning mass at 7:30
  • April 9 - Shine Bright Auction - 6:00 pm at the Westin Bellevue
  • April 14 - Holy Thursday Prayer Service - 9:00am
  • April 15 - Good Friday Stations of the Cross
  • April 15 - NOON Dismissal
  • April 18-22 - Easter Break
Charger Card window will be open Tuesday afternoon from 2:45-3:15pm as well as THURSDAY morning (April 14th) 8:30-9:15am.

There will be no sales on Good Friday. We wish everyone a blessed Easter and wonderful Spring Break! 

Looking to up your volunteer hours? Wanting to get more involved at STL? Please consider taking over the Charger Card program. Charger Cards is a great way to meet ALL school families as well as raise money for a great cause…YOUR SCHOOL! Please email chargercards@stlouiseschool.org for information. 

April Contest- Running the month of April all sales, online and in person, will be eligible to win their student a SWEET TREAT PARTY in May! 
The class that earns the highest rebates for the month of April will be sweetly rewarded with a party, date decided upon by the teacher. 

Need more info about Charger Cards? Check out their website here.
Thank you to all of our amazing parent volunteers!
Thank you!

Thank you to Jennifer Little, Ashley Wojnarski, The Zappala Family, Abigail Eala and Karen Salmon for their help delivering Welcome Bags to our newly admitted families!
If you know of a volunteer doing great work and want to recognize them, simply email their name and what they do to socialmedia@stlouiseschool.org.

Want to volunteer - check out available opportunities here!
The Pastor's Message
Dear Friends at St. Louise,

Holy Week is to the year as Sunday is to the week, for those who love Jesus. Holy Week is the time when we set aside many of our normal activities and vividly remember that Jesus gave himself completely to us through his suffering, passion, death and resurrection. Sunday is the center of the week for Christians because Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday. If he had not risen from the dead, then we would still be dead in our sins! His death put sin, and even the power of death itself, under the reign of his mercy and love. His victory is our victory.

Sunday is also the day that the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles. On this day the Church, the mystical body of Christ, was born. We are members of his body, and our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. We are called to be missionary disciples – the hands and feet, eyes and ears and voice of Christ in the world. For this reason, with humility, we set aside our normal activities each week and give time to worship God as a community, as the body of Christ. The Mass is the “source and summit” of all our activity. Our human activity, as good as it is, will bloom and then, all too soon, will fade like a flower – unless we unite it to the eternal love of Christ. There is no place, no activity, no event like the Eucharist, where we unite with Jesus in all that we are, do and say.

Holy Week is much more than a re-enactment of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection – we live those events actively as we celebrate Palm Sunday and the Triduum. In other words, the mystery of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection is no less real now than it was 2000 years ago. Jesus takes on the struggles of our human lives no less now than he did in Jerusalem. We bring our struggles of 2022 to this Holy Week: the pandemic; the war in Ukraine; our concerns for the future of our common home, the Earth; the struggles of divisions in our country, our Church, our families that seem more intense than ever; and whatever may be going on in our personal lives and with those we love. We bring all of that to Holy Week and Jesus, who took on our humanity then and takes on our humanity now, who is forever present to us with the saving power of his passion, death and resurrection.

Even if you cannot attend the Triduum celebrations in person, find some way to set aside time to acknowledge each of those special days. Our main Triduum liturgies will also be livestreamed, and the video recordings will be posted on our website for you to watch at a time that works for you. If you have less time, you can go to the USCCB website or any other service that will have the readings for Holy Week, and read part or all of the readings that go with each celebration. Another option for Good Friday is to pray the Stations of the Cross at home. One of the most powerful Good Fridays of my childhood was when my Uncle Dan led a bunch of us kids in praying an outdoor Stations of the Cross on my grandparents’ farm. Remember that Good Friday is a day of fasting and abstinence.

Finally, be sure to notice that the 11AM Mass on Easter Sunday will be a bilingual English/Spanish Mass.

Have a blessed Holy Week!

Fr. Gary Zender

And congratulations to Mr. Mike Fuerte, who is no longer our interim principal, but is now our new principal! Thank you to everyone who gave input and who served on the Principal Search Committee. Above all, thank you to the Holy Spirit, who guided us in the process and me in making the final decision. Please keep Mr. Fuerte in your prayers as he begins the huge task of leading our school into the future. – Fr. Gary 

Fun times were had by all and lots of work accomplished at last week's Spring Spruce Up! Even Mr. Evans and his family were hard at work cleaning up the grounds.
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