27th Annual
White Ribbon Campaign

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TONIGHT at 6 p.m.
Virtual Event
Today marks the official first day of the White Ribbon Campaign! And there's still time to register for the Breakfast for Dinner. Join us at 6 p.m. to hear from honorary campaign co-chairs Dr. Emad Rahim and Marissa Saunders, former SU quarterback & NFL veteran Don McPherson, and former Vera House educator and current Prevention Coordinator at the Crime Victims Treatment Center Eric McGriff.
This is the first edition of our White Ribbon Campaign Champion educational email series! We will send our White Ribbon Campaign Champions an email each week through March to learn about a topic relating to our mission and work. Our first edition is about the history of the White Ribbon Campaign. Keep reading for videos, articles, and reflection questions. To receive next week's edition, sign up to be a White Ribbon Champion!
On December 6, 1989, a gunman walked into an engineering school classroom in Montreal, asked the men to leave, and murdered 14 women. The massacre sparked the White Ribbon Campaign, which encourages men to stand up against domestic and sexual violence. This video explores how the news media, law enforcement, and the public initially denied the role of misogyny in the attack and how the conversation about violence against women has changed over 30 years.
The women who were killed during the École Polytechnique massacre were more than just victims. Among them were groundbreakers, musicians, loyal friends, students looking forward to vacations, sisters, daughters, spouses, dreamers, teaching assistants, skiers, environmentalists, swimmers, and disability advocates. Watch the video to learn about and remember these 14 women.
30 Years After Surviving Polytechnique, My Pain Is Starting To Resurface 
Nathalie Provost was 23 when she was shot in the École Polytechnique massacre. In this op-ed, she talks about her pain returning as she ages and her feelings about the massacre as a mother and feminist.

"The Polytechnique attacks didn’t only impact the families of those who died or were injured. It didn’t only impact the people who were there that day. It’s a tragedy that left a scar on our society, but it’s also a product of our society."
White Ribbon Campaign: 20 Years Working to End Violence Against Women
In the wake of the massacre, Michael Kaufman was one of the men who helped found the White Ribbon Campaign. Twenty years after the campaign's founding, Kaufman shared his reflections on its legacy and ongoing work to engage men so they help end domestic and sexual violence against women.

"Men have been defined as part of the problem. But the White Ribbon Campaign believes that men can also be part of the solution. Confronting men’s violence requires nothing less than a commitment to full equality for women and a redefinition of what it means to be men, to discover a meaning to manhood that doesn’t require blood to be spilled."