May 2017

Inaugural World Preeclampsia Day spotlights 
global impact on maternal and infant mortality

Nearly 76,000 mothers and 500,000 babies worldwide lose their lives to preeclampsia and related hypertensive disorders of pregnancy every year. To raise awareness of preeclampsia as a life-threatening complication of pregnancy, the Preeclampsia Foundation and many other maternal health organizations around the world are joining forces to host the first-ever World Preeclampsia Day on Monday, May 22.
Co-sponsors BabyCenter, Ending Eclampsia/USAID, the International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy (ISSHP), and PRE-EMPT join the Preeclampsia Foundation to reduce preventable deaths from preeclampsia, a leading cause of maternal and infant mortality.

To help raise awareness of the global impact of preeclampsia, join our Thunderclap that will send a one-time message from your social media account to your followers at 8 am ET on Monday, May 22. Moms and babies need heroes like you! Let's get the word out! 
There's still time to join a Promise Walk for Preeclampsia!
Even dogs like these cuties came out to show their support at the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in Cleveland, Ohio!
Promise Walk for Preeclampsia season is underway and we'd like to congratulate those cities that have already walked the walk and raised funds to help save the lives of moms and babies!

We're moving those little pink feet on our website towards our $460,000 goal one baby step at a time! Thank you!

It doesn't take just one person, or two staff members, or 50 walk coordinators, or 600 volunteers, or thousands of participants. It takes all of us, working together.

You're not too late! There's still time to register, participate, and donate to a city near you.  In fact, you can even donate to walks that have already happened now through August 31.

Let's work like dogs and do this -- TOGETHER!
Postpartum care basics for maternal safety
Another win for our patient education and support goals! The Council for Patient Safety in Women's Healthcare has issued the next in a series of patient safety "bundles," this one intended to standardize and improve the care a new mom receives after birth and up through her postpartum visit.

This guidance provided in Postpartum Care Basics for Maternal Safety from Birth to the Comprehensive Postpartum Visit is important for women who experienced preeclampsia or other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy for two major reasons:
  • Many cases of postpartum preeclampsia are missed or poorly handled. Sometimes high blood pressure continues and causes other problems such as excessive fluid in the lungs or stroke. In other cases, new-onset high blood pressure - what is called de novo hypertension in medical terms - surprises some women after they've gone home, up to several weeks after delivery.
  • The handoff from childbirth to a regular medical home must include transferring information about any pregnancy complications she experienced. Most women and even their healthcare providers are not aware that a history of severe preeclampsia, growth-restricted babies, and other pregnancy complications put them at higher risk for heart disease and stroke than other women without these complications. Your ongoing care should be managed through this lens.
Thanks to the Million Dollar Round Table Foundation
(From left) Representing the MDRT Foundation, Peter Zuras presented a $9,000 grant to Preeclampsia Foundation representatives Alina Brewer, Dr. Kenneth Ward, Dr. Hilary Gammill, and Executive Director Eleni Tsigas.  
The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Foundation has awarded a $9,000 grant to the Preeclampsia Foundation for a research study titled Preeclampsia and Cardiovascular Disease: Family Studies to Discover Causation or Correlation.

Through its global grants program, the MDRT Foundation is committed to building stronger families and communities around the globe. This year, the MDRT Foundation will award over $1 million in MDRT member-endorsed grants to more than 200 charitable organizations worldwide.

Thank you MDRT Foundation!
We appreciate our G.E.M.s!
The Preeclampsia Foundation extends our sincere appreciation to these individuals who recently became G.E.M. members:

Marly Dows-Martinez, Marietta, GA
Tracy Hanegan, Spokane, WA
Kelsey Hill, Seattle, WA

Turning your tax-deductible gift into monthly donations makes our shared mission of saving the lives of mothers and babies go even further. Thank you G.E.M. members!
"Breathe" chronicles preeclampsia survivor's near-death experience
In her film "Breathe," Angela Burgin Logan tells her story about the connection between preeclampsia and heart disease that nearly took her life. Now a book, "Breathe: When Life Takes Your Breath Away" spotlights this dangerous link she believes every woman should know. Angela is working to advance the dialogue about maternal health with this focus on heart-related complications of preeclampsia and was featured by the American Heart Association's Go Red campaign.

For information on Angela's new book, visit
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