photo of Beloved Festival by Zipporah Lomax

I hope you're having a great Summer. I'm about to head down the road to Tidewater Flats for the 9th annual Beloved Festival. It's a sweet one, and I'm excited to see friends and experience the magic of a spiritual woodland festival in Oregon. This is where I want to be... 

How about you? Are you one of those people whose vacation pictures canoeing across a lake are making me drool? That's one of the funny aspects of social media - the FOMO experience of " hey, how come I'm not boating/kayaking/hiking some amazing peak/fill in your awesome experience here..." On my end, I've mostly been staying close to home - teaching my classes; helping out my clients with their marketing.  I actually even did a small direct mail piece to the small businesses in the Division/Clinton area, recently. So far, not a peep, but I was proud of myself for trying something new.  
Ice Cream stamps
Ice Cream Stamps win the day

I think that's going to be my new direction for a while " try something new".  I watched a random movie on Nflix the other day. Dear Sidewalk. It has a very fun connection to the postal world - and the main theme that reels the main character into a more fun and vibrant existence is " trying something new". Somehow, that phrase seems to be bouncing in my head and I'll say more as I try it. I feel at 55, that I've been fearing change, lately. And that's no way to be, right?

Speaking of new, care to join me on September 11-14th at Breitenbush for " The Natural Singer: Finding Your True Voice" with Claude Stein? I've been seeing this workshop for years in the Bbush catalogue and finally, I've decided to attend. Come and join me!

Are you growing food this year? I just took a bunch of seeds, mixed them all together, and am growing a mystery garden! It looks like it's filled with squash, peas, tomatoes, kale and other goodies. What's your secret?
mystery garden

Then there's the political world. I've been having lots of interesting talks with friends about what it all means. I find myself having to balance my distaste/anger/horror at Drumpf & Co. vs. watching him take down a stinking ship the longer he continues to run. My dream would be to see the Dems take back the house and Senate as Drumpf pulls down the rest of the field with his craziness, and I guess we'll see.  More on that next month, I'm sure. 

Finally, a short wish list.  I want to get out of the house/City more. That may mean buying a car for the first time in many years. So, I'm looking for car advice. And, I'm looking for places to go. If I were on the East Coast I'd be inviting you to visit me at our cabin in Sumneytown, PA ( and if you live in that area, just ask - our doors are open and I'd love to host you from afar!).  

Do you have a cabin or beach house that you'd like to invite me to? I have some writing to do, and I'm also one of those laptop nomads that can pretty much work from anywhere. Then, there's Burning Man. Through the luck of the Hiyoka, I have found a ticket through my friend, Playa Nurse Flo, and the OMG sale. At first we both went YEAH! and then freaked on day 2, and decided " probably not". In the " this biking festival will be good for you" department, I've decided to take my trusty steed and go for year 15.  I stood looking at this bike yesterday and realized: " you like to bike, you like Burning Man, it will be fun".  Mind changed.


To make it work I'm looking for one or more of the following:
  • a parking pass
  • a ride to and from (of course splitting costs)
  • a fun group to camp with 
That's it for me. It's time to hit the trail. Write back and let me know how things are going for you and if you'd like me to come visit for a day or a week!  

Have fun out there,