The Texas Energy Code Compliance Collaborative (TECCC) was established in an effort to find ways for the state to access and improve compliance with energy codes, offer support to local jurisdictions, and engage stakeholders in energy code discussions. The stakeholder group was established in 2011 and since 2014 SPEER has been leading the quarterly meetings. With the publication of the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code in the fall of 2020, Texas A&M Energy System Lab (ESL) and our State Energy Conversation Office (SECO) were put on the clock for stringency analysis and recommendation for adoption. We invite you to join us for this thought-provoking and informative panel discussion!


April 21 @ 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Central

Speakers + topics:

  • SPEER: Local and Regional Updates
  • SECO Update (Fred Yerba): Upcoming Energy Code Training Workshops for State and Local Government Organizations
  • SPEER (Noah Oaks): Legislative Update from SPEER’s Policy Manager
  • QuFresh (Tom Murrell): Ventilation for Homes and Buildings
  • SPEER (Randy Plumlee): Training and Webinar Updates
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Upcoming Webinars

Energy Code Inspection Walk-through – Predrywall

When: 11:00 AM Thursday, April 13th

This is the next installment in our energy code inspection walk-through series. This time we’ll go into the pre-drywall inspection and discuss what to look for and how to properly grade the installation quality. If you missed our previous walk-through catch a recap here: Energy Code Inspection Walk-Thru – A day on the job with an Energy Inspector. It's a great precursor to today's insulation overview!

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Energy Inspection – Mechanical Ventilation Testing

When: 11:00 AM Thursday, April 20th

During this webinar, we will study and break down the different ventilation equipment that is available and go through the different testing methods being used. The 2021 IECC testing is now required, but there’s no standard testing method being used. Let’s look at some data about the testing result differences when using different equipment to perform the test.

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Update on Stucco

When: 9:30 AM* Thursday, May 11th

Our presenter, Jeff Adams from Adams Home Inspections, has spent years in the field and has witnessed a multitude of issues with Stucco applications. Jeff will provide us an update on what he’s seeing and what needs to improve for best practice when using Stucco in today’s construction.

*Please note this is a different time offering than our usual 11 AM.

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Where I'm Heading...

I'll be headed to the National Codes Conference in Chicago May 1st-4th. We encourage you to join us and if you plan to attend please come say hello!

Curious about who should attend?

Energy code users and participants of all types: Building officials, builders, state energy offices, trade associations, energy efficiency organizations, architects, engineers, policymakers, manufacturers, utilities, code administrators, educators, and researchers.


Pre-conference Workshops: Tuesday, May 2

Full Conference: Wednesday - Thursday, May 3 & 4

Visit their website for registration, lodging, and topic postings as they continue to become available.


What We're Reading:

Do Airtight Houses Need Makeup Air? - Energy Vanguard

Great information as to when makeup air is needed in today’s tighter houses. Allison goes through what happens when fans like the kitchen hood or dryer are running and what effect it has on depressurizing the house, infiltration, and appliances.

What We're Watching:

April 2022: Foundations: The Forensic Evaluation of Commercial Structures – David Eastwook from GeoTech Engineering and Testing goes through various foundation elements and reviews failures seen in the field of Commercial Structures.

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