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July 2017  
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Maintenance Label Kit

Create durable, laminated, bar-coded maintenance labels directly out of FaciliWorks CMMS to minimize mistakes and reduce costs.

This compact BrotherĀ® printer (PT-P900W desktop or PT-P950NW network) comes with cables, design software and a full-length label cartridge - everything you need to get started. The P-touch laminated labels are designed and tested for use in harsh-environment applications are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Use this label kit to print highly durable, laminated labels for all of your equipment.

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Industry News   
CMMS Software: What is it and how will it benefit me? 
by Brandon Jones

CMMS software is not one of those sexy buzzwords, although in some people's opinions, it should be because of the value it can add to the inner workings of an enterprise. Some people are scared away by the big capital letters that make up CMMS software, but when you break it down, it becomes much easier.

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System, and its function is built from that. At its core, CMMS software opens up the ability for a company to efficiently and productively plan and schedule preventative maintenance for their equipment. Preventative maintenance has been shown, time and time again, by study after study, to make businesses run far more smoothly.

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Proper training is a must for successful implementation and maximum ROI 
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FaciliWorks Regional Training
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FaciliWorks 8i - September 14-15, 2017 - Phoenix, AZ
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FaciliWorks 8i Tech Tip
FaciliWorks 8i: Troubleshooting Issues when Creating PMs

If you are unable to manually generate a next PM due, you may have discrepancies in meter values and/or dates. FaciliWorks relies on these values to create the next iteration. So, if the Maintenance Done Date is changed on either a completed PM or on the schedule (from within Assets -> PM Task tab -> Schedule sub-tab) when the next PM has already been created, then you will run into issues creating another PM.

Navigate to Data Admin -> Assets and find the record with the discrepancy message.

On the Information tab of that record, click the History button, scroll to the bottom of the window to find the last PM completed. In this example, the last Maintenance Done Date is 06/06/2016:
Asset History

Click the square button to the left of the last PM; the full PM record opens in a separate window. (This is the same screen that appears if you were to navigate to the PM record via Edit PMs.) Click the Schedule tab of the PM record. Make sure that the dates in the screen below match the dates from the History screen above. Sometimes you have to go two records back to validate the dates.

PM schedule tab

If you find the dates don't match, go to the Information tab of the PM record, uncheck the Completed Notice checkbox and fix the dates. Then you can complete the record again.

This issue can also be triggered by invalid meter values in a PM, for instance, having a meter value when meter-based schedules are not being used. In the example below (Edit PMs -> Schedule tab), notice that the Maintenance Done Meter has a value of 0. If meter values are not being used, then this field must be empty; otherwise, you're telling FaciliWorks that this value of 0 is correct.

Meter with zeros

To remedy this issue, delete the meter values and save the record:

Meter cleared

To reiterate: the information in the closed PM records must be identical to the information in Data Administration -> Assets -> PM Task.

Remember, you can manually change the Next Date Due, but don't change the Last Maintenance Date after a PM has been completed and the next PM has been created. You can only fix the Last Maintenance Date before the next PM gets created to avoid the date discrepancy.
We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities of your FaciliWorks software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.     
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