March 2020
This month: Renewal FAQs, Call for Case Writers, Professionalism in Business Practice and more
Are you among the 4774 registrants who have not renewed your registration?
If you have renewal questions, we’ve got answers—right here in our renewal video . Or check out the renewal page on the website or the FAQ below. Remember, your complete renewal is due on or before 11:59 p.m. EST on March 31, 2020. 

Have you paid your Registration Fees? The deadline is March 31, but because it takes at least 3 days for renewal payments to clear, don’t delay. The late fee is $150, and those who don’t pay the full amount on their invoice will be charged a $50 administrative fee. For details on how to pay your Registration Renewal Fees, watch the Payment video on the website. 

Registration Renewal - Top 5 Renewal FAQs
1. Can I still fast track if I need to make a minor edit to my renewal form?
No, but this is OK. It just means staff will review your form. Registrants can continue to practice as normal while their form is under review. We have already started reviewing forms that have been submitted prior to the renewal deadline. You will receive an automatic message once the review of your form is complete.

2. Do I need to fill out the Health Professions Database Questions?
Yes. If this is your first renewal, you must unlock this page for editing and fill out the questions. If this is not your first renewal, you are still required to review the information you have previously submitted and unlock for editing if necessary. See here for tips on filling out this section.

3. What is the currency requirement for this renewal?
Registrants in the full RP category are required to report whether they have 750 currency hours between January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019. If you do not meet the requirement, you should provide information in the description box about how many hours you do have in this time frame, circumstances that impacted your currency, and how you plan to increase your currency hours going forward. Information about the currency requirement is posted on the Professional Obligations page of the website. We also included a reminder about currency in the September 2019 Communiqué.

Registrants in the Qualifying or Inactive categories are not required to provide information about their currency in the renewal form.

4. I’m taking a leave from practice or retiring, do I need to renew?
Yes, if you wish to maintain your registration with CRPO.

We do have an Inactive category available for full RP registrants. More information regarding the Inactive category can be found here . Please note the deadline to be invoiced the Inactive renewal amount for 2020-21 was January 19 and required submission of the request form by this deadline. You can still request to transfer to Inactive but you will have to pay the full RP amount for this year.

If you wish to resign, please submit this form to your Documents tab and notify staff in a message.

Fees are not pro-rated or reimbursed if you transfer to Inactive or resign part way through the registration year.

5. Have you received my renewal?
You will receive an automatic message once your complete renewal (payment and form) has been received.

To submit your renewal form, you must click the ‘Submit Renewal’ button at the bottom of the form. If the button is greyed out, either you still have items outstanding before you can click submit or you have already clicked submit and the form is received. Check the “Renewal status” indicator found above the submit button to see if the status has changed from “Open” to either “Received” or “Fast Tracked / Completed”.
Harassing CRPO staff is unacceptable
We understand that registrants and applicants are sometimes in contact with CRPO during times of stress, such as when fees are due, registration is being renewed, or a registrant is subject to a complaint against them. CRPO is committed to working with applicants, registrants and others in a manner that is professional, courteous and effective. We expect the same courtesy in return.

CRPO does not tolerate abusive behaviour towards our staff. This includes threats, intimidation, yelling and obscene, unprofessional, discriminatory or demeaning remarks. Behaviour of this nature will be noted in the registrant’s file and could be used to inform any remedial or disciplinary action taken in future. Repeated conduct of this kind may result in the CRPO communicating with the registrant only in writing or otherwise restricting future communications.
Application Processing Update
In early fall, the processing timeline was about one month for complete applications (i.e. no missing information or documentation) that met the registration requirements. With the controlled act of psychotherapy coming into force, we received a flood of applications. The processing time right now is about three to four months. The processing timelines should decrease as we have trained more staff to process applications.

In order to help applicants have a sense of processing times, we are now posting on our Facebook page updates regarding what month’s applications we are currently processing .

Applicants should submit their application for registration once they have substantially completed their education and training in psychotherapy. Substantial completion means that you:
  • are in your final semester prior to graduation;
  • have completed 90% of your program, including coursework and practicum placements; or
  • have completed your program with the exception of a thesis.

An applicant can apply and be approved in the RP (Qualifying) category before they graduate. We encourage applicants to submit as soon as they start their final semester so that they don’t have issues with employment.

Applicants can track the status of their application. See here for more information; check out the Applying to CRPO page our website for overall info.
Practice Advisory: Starting from the Right Place - Professionalism in Business Arrangements
When an RP enters into a private practice business arrangement with another person, it is essential that they address key details of their business relationship at the outset in order to prevent the possibility of confusion and disruption in client care. Along with the commercial aspects of business (remuneration, marketing, etc.), these details should include the informed consent process, information and documentation practices, and what will happen when the business relationship ends.

Registrants considering entering into a business arrangement need to take into consideration the requirements and standards of practice that apply to CRPO registrants and any other regulated health professionals who may be involved. Below is guidance for CRPO registrants to assist you in this regard.
Peer Circles Case Writers Needed
Want to be a part of a team that creates learning resources for RPs across Ontario? If so, contact us!

Case writers are needed to collaborate on the development of case studies that will be used by RPs participating in Peer Circles. Case writers will meet at either one of two sessions this spring.

Peer Circles is a group-based learning experience that will bring RPs together for a collaborative exchange of knowledge. Those who attend Peer Circle events will leave with a deeper understanding of how Ontario’s health care laws and standards are applied in practice. Peer Circles also provides an excellent opportunity to flex decision-making skills on complex issues.

Send an up-to-date CV by April 5, 2020 to if you meet the qualifications listed below. Only those selected may participate in a case writing session and will be paid a stipend ($225) and travel expenses in alignment with CRPO policies.

What: Peer Circle Case Writing Session
Where: Downtown Toronto, in-person with web-link option
When: April 24 OR May 26
Apply by: April 5, 2020 to

Click here for more details about qualifications. 
QA Compliance: 2019 Summary
Last November 30 was the deadline for 4,000 registrants to demonstrate that they met their PD requirements, including the 40-hour learning activity requirement. Most registrants met the requirements for their PD tools, with no further action required from them in this cycle.

Some issues did arise, however, that provide a learning opportunity for all RPs. RPs may wish to review these issues in order reflect on how they are fulfilling their PD requirements on an on-going basis, and not just around their deadlines.

Most common issues
  1. PD tools are completed but not submitted to CRPO.
  2. Registrants not meeting the November 30 deadline (every other year).
  3. Issues with accuracy and completeness that resulted from registrants not completing the Learning Record on an ongoing basis.
  4. PD tools completed as administrative forms without any meaningful self-reflection. 
  5. Learning Plans that lacked the reflection exercise required following completion of each goal.
  6. Learning Activities that did not include all the relevant information related to an activity (e.g., author of a publication, location of a conference, start and end dates, etc.)
  7. Using paid work as professional development activities.

This Quality Assurance activity is intended to provide the College with an understanding of how registrants deliberately and intentionally pursue growth and learning as a Registered Psychotherapist. Incomplete and vague entries do not provide staff with enough information to adequately determine that submissions are credible, relevant to the profession or verifiable. 
CRPO Town Halls & Peer Circle Planning Underway
We are looking to schedule a number of town hall dates across the province during the month of October and are hoping to assess the level of interest to determine event venues, seating capacity and agenda content. 

We will also be piloting Peer Circles to take place immediately following some of the town halls. Peer Circles are a group-based learning experience, led by a trained facilitator.

Please answer a few short questions to assist us in making the town halls and peer circles as useful and engaging as possible.
Council Nominations Webinar
Are you curious about what it’s like to run for and serve on CRPO Council? Want more insight into what a day in the life of a Council member looks like? On April 7, 12:00 - 1:00 pm, attend a webinar hosted by Council members Andrew Benedetto and Kali Hewitt-Blackie and learn all about what it means to nominate yourself and serve as a Council member.

Council Highlights
The next meeting of CRPO Council will be Friday, March 27 from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. 

Please note that the option to attend remotely by webinar link is now being offered. Click here  to register for the meeting remotely. Still want to attend in person? Review the  guidelines on attendance  and register ahead of time. Seating is limited so you are asked to ensure you have confirmation before attending.
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