NEWS UPDATE: August 10, 2023


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You May Be Able to Substantially Reduce Your

Property Tax Liability Through a Tax Assessment Appeal

Who is eligible?

Property owners, tenants, managers, lenders, or developers in Florida. 


When do I need to think about an appeal?

NOW! 2023 property tax assessment notices (TRIM notices) will be mailed to taxpayers by mid-August. You only have 25 days from the mailing of the TRIM notice to file an appeal. The filing deadline is included in the TRIM notice and varies by county. Appeal deadlines typically fall in early-to mid-September. 


What is an average reduction for my type of property or location?

In 2022, we were able to achieve significant tax reductions for clients across all property types. A chart of representative results from tax year 2022 is linked below. The 2022 results are not a guaranty of future reductions in value.  


How do I get started?

Contact us as soon as possible to review your property values and determine whether we can help you achieve a reduction. Do not wait until you receive your TRIM notice because of the short window to file an appeal. If you’d like to learn more about the process, we can help provide you with information and advice specific to your property.

Sabrina Weiss Robinson

Group Chair

Morgan McDonough

Jacob Cremer

Peter Desiderio

Roger Houle*

Real Estate Analyst

Kenneth Metcalf, AICP*


Yuliya Olvy*

Real Estate Analyst

Christopher Smith*

GIS Services

*Ken Metcalf, Chris Smith, Roger Houle & Yuliya Olvy are not attorneys and are not authorized to practice law.
Ken is AICP certified.
Chris is a highly experienced GIS analyst.
Roger and Yuliya are highly experienced real estate analysts.
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