Dear Friends,
We are excited about a new program which can take place from your home on a mobile device. Remember, it will also be free. Instead of the actual flying events, we are working on a Virtual Flying Program which should be ready to send our to our kids soon. The Virtual Flying Program we are putting together is really cool, so much so that you feel like you are actually flying the airplane. 

As soon as the virus gets under control, as soon as its safe to meet with each other and fly the real airplanes, we will resume flying with our kids, high up in the sky.
Thanks for keeping up with us.

Griffin W. Collie
President, Board of Trustees
Challenge Air for Kids and Friends, Inc.
Our Co-Pilots are the Best!
"Hi, My name is Dustin Pierce. I am almost 23 years old. My favorite hobby is spotting airplanes in the Atlanta, Ga area. My favorite memory of Challenge Air is when I got to meet Sonny. I was the first co-pilot in the Atlanta Fly Day history. I have been flying with Challenge Air since October 6th, 2008.

My biggest role models are my mom and dad. I love them dearly."
It takes a village... plus
a flight suit!
"This is my school teacher. Her name is Olivia Proffitt. She has been my teacher since 2015. My school nurse bought me a flight suit for graduation. Her name is Becky Higgins and her husband is John, a pilot for Delta. She has helped me for the last 5 years." - Dustin Pierce
Save the Date: North Texas Giving Day
Communities Foundation of Texas' North Texas Giving Day is back on September 17, 2020! This is an event that lifts giving and engages the entire region to support local, nonprofits like Challenge Air for Kids and Friends. Help us celebrate the role we play in building confidence and self-esteem in children with special needs.

Our Community is strong, is standing, and will thrive. You can show your support with a personal fundraising page, you have help make North Texas Giving Day even bigger; helping raise more dollars and touching more lives during this 18-hour giving extravaganza. Creating a fundraising page is simple, click the link below to learn more or contact Bailey Cole at for assistance.

Thank you for helping us keep the dream alive! 
"Non-Stop" Read Aloud
Reading makes you feel happier! Studies have shown readers reported being less stressed and less depressed, and having higher levels of self-esteem and a greater ability to cope with challenges. Watch and listen along as Bailey Cole reads, 'Goodnight Planes' by Adam Gamble and Mark Jasper.

Pilot Spotlight: Andrew Godbold
Meet Andrew Godbold, Challenge Air Volunteer Pilot.

I had my first lesson on my 14th birthday, soloed at 16, and was fully licensed at 17. I was fortunate to have several mentors take me "under their wing" coupled with a supportive family at a young age. I never turned down an opportunity to wash a plane for a ride as a kid. Now, just shy of 20 years from that first lesson -- and more than 2,400+ hours later -- I still enjoy any opportunity to see God's creation from the air.

The only planes I presently own are made of foam and require a remote control, but I'm fortunate to fly a half dozen different planes on a regular basis.

My Challenge Air flights (maybe 15 or so by now) have taken place in a Cessna 172 and a Cessna 182RG.

When flying for fun, I love to fly aerobatics (i.e., upside down, etc). Beyond that, I like to point the nose towards the beach, wherever that beach maybe."
Stories from the Cockpit
“Each Challenge Air flight has been uniquely gratifying. I have literally seen kids transform from trembling with fear to pure elation once the wheels break ground, and it has been remarkable to share the freedom of flight. There's no question that these events build the confidence and self-esteem that Challenge Air strives to promote.

On one particularly memorable flight, I offered the controls to a hearing-impaired young man. He was a natural, and truly exhibited excellent command of the plane that was better than some of the student pilots I have trained. Although a bit timid at first, I watched a unique transformation as he realized he could really fly the plane just as he had practiced on the simulator. I think our passengers were disappointed when I had to take over again for landing because I'm sure he flew smoother than I did!" - Andrew Godbold (Challenge Air, Volunteer Pilot)
Aviation is proof that given the willwe have the capacity to achieve the impossible.
- Eddie Rickenbacker
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