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It Took an Earthquake
It took an earthquake to shake Godwin to life. What will it take for you? Up until that point, Godwin’s life was all about money, fun, drugs, self-interests. Yet even while clutching those things tightly, he knew there was more. Through an earthquake devastating Haiti, his homeland, Godwin felt God calling him to a new purpose — reaching the young people of that nation for Christ.
What about you? What does God need to shake loose for you? What purpose is God calling you to fulfill? Maybe you read Godwin’s story in our recent EVERY newsletter. From living a life apart from God to inviting young people into a life with God, what God did and is doing through Godwin’s life is inspiring.

You, too, are being called to reach people for Christ. “Go and make disciples of all nations…” Jesus says (Matthew 28:19). Are you living that out?

One exciting way you can make disciples is by reaching young people through 
Youth for Christ International. In over 100 nations around the world, Youth for Christ staff, volunteers, and supporters like yourself are daily reaching young people with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Whether it is by providing food, running clubs and activities, or literally walking with young people day by day (as Godwin is doing in Haiti), or if it is through day centers for at-risk young people in Europe, orphanages in Asia, or schools in Africa, Jesus is being shared. When you support Youth for Christ International you are making those things happen and fulfilling your purpose as a disciple-maker.
God is doing great things in the nations, thanks to your involvement! If you already give regularly to Youth for Christ, thank you! If not, would you? I can’t think of a better place to invest your resources than in seeking to reach every young person in every nation in every people group with the message of Jesus.

Your gift by the end of October will help us determine where we are at and what we need to do as we head into the last months of 2018. God is doing great things! You can keep that momentum going.

In Him,

Bryan Blomker
Director of Development

PS - God is using your prayers and gifts to do great things in the nations! Thank you for your support this month and always.
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Your generosity ensures that lost young people have the opportunity to be followers of Jesus. You are reaching young people everywhere.