December 2015              Air Mobile Ministries  
What a year we've had!!

What a year we've had!

We could not have done it without the support of all our friends and volunteers! 

In this newsletter, we will take a look at some of the highlights of 2015. 


After the devastating earthquake in Nepal, Joe traveled there to bring Rescuer water purifiers to survivors high in the Himalayas.  Read more

Joe often says, "I go to Haiti like people go to Walmart." He continues to support the 337 Rescuer water purifiers hard at work providing safe water to Haitians. And the Little Donkey carries food and diapers for the orphans of Ruuska Village, sometimes just in the nick of time!
                                                R ead More


After Tropical storm Erika devastated Dominica Joe quickly changed his plans and pointed the Little Donkey there. The cabin retreat would have to wait...
After hurricane Joaquin slammed Crooked Island, Joe was there with much needed Rescuer water purifiers and thousands of meals from Deliver the Difference. 


After hearing about the needs in Ongole, India we finally got our dream team together for this mission. But our hearts were broken when we found out the children were starving!     Read More...

Here in the USA, we celebrated our daughter Juliet's wedding, cried over losing our two chihuahuas, Sam and Rosie and welcomed our new pup Andy.
Also passed the 18 year anniversary of being volunteer chaplains at University Behavioral Center in Orlando where we provide Sunday services to psych patients. And recently the Doctor's Goodwill Foundation honored us by naming us Ambassadors. Here is a video they made for us.
Doctors Goodwill Foundation Ambassadors Joe and Cindy Hurston
Doctors Goodwill Foundation Ambassadors
Joe and Cindy Hurston



The big event of the year was the 

Incredible International Bazaar held in December. We had a wonderful time! The back yard was turned into a global marketplace and the kitchen into a French cafe full of scrumptious pastries.
Shoppers enjoyed themselves!

Peter and friends provided entertainment!
Lori and Annie Ginn served French Pastries!

We have not yet reached our goal of $40,000 to launch the feeding program in Ongole, India. 
 When we do, we will go back to India and get this project started, because Hunger is Not a Game!

Won't you make your contribution now?  


We love all of you,our friends, family and supporters! May you have a beautiful, meaningful and peaceful Christmas and an amazing NEW YEAR!
Love Always,
Joe and Cindy Hurston
Air Mobile Ministries
serving a thirsty world
Hunger is Not a Game
This campaign is in response to looking into the eyes of thousands of hungry children in Ongole, India. We had gone there to do water purification and found the children starving. So we promised to launch the perpetual feeding program through Deliver the Difference.  Read More...

Joe Donkey



I'd like to take this opportunity to share a bit about the "Rambling Blog".

I've always liked to "Journal".  Been doing it since I was a little boy.

As we travel the world bringing clean water and relief to those who are suffering, I often experience deep emotions.

"Journaling" or "Blogging" is a tremendous way to "process" those emotions.  

It's also a means of "Recruiting" Prayer Warriors.  

Many of you have joined me on this awesome journey through life.

Cindy and I can't begin to THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!  

I hope you enjoy the little "snippets" from past blogs to help to make this year- end report. 

If you're new to the "Blog" I encourage you to hang on and enjoy the ride. 

God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - BTW, I began a new "Blog" series on January 13, 2010 immediately following the Haiti Earthquake and have not missed a single day since.

So, as we enter into year 6 of this non-stop "Blog Journey", we're excited about all that Lord has in store for us.  

Keep your seat belts on and tight, we're in for an awesome ride!!

Air Mobile Joe