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a periodic newsletter |  September 2016

Last Sunday, Martha Swain of our community welcomed to her home three people she had met in Taizé, France in the spring of 2014. She brought them to join our Sunday Evening Taizé Prayer. These three men - Cristiano, Marco and Padre Elio - came from Venice and joined our community in prayer. Afterward, my wife Theresa and I joined them for a simple meal. Padre Elio, a Catholic priest, has visited Taizé forty-seven times. Twice a year he leads groups of young people from his church. They join with other teens from all over the world for a week of prayer, spirituality and just plain fun. Together they learn from one another, hearing each other's stories and reflecting on the Gospel of Jesus. 
At Taizé the Brothers celebrate Easter every week, and their monastery church is the Church of Reconcilation. Every Saturday evening the sometimes thousands of guests join with the Brothers of Taizé to celebrate the Great Vigil of Easter before their leaving on Sunday morning.
Sunday evenings we at St. Andrew's sing Taizé songs in many languages - English certainly, but also Spanish, French, Italian, German and even Latin - because the spirituality of Taizé itself is the spirituality of all the many nations and peoples of the earth. At the end of Matthew's gospel, Jesus commands his followers to go and preach the Good News of God's love throughout the world. And in the Acts of the Apostles, people from the many nations of the world all hear the Good News being spoken, each in their own language. So it is that we sing songs in many different languages to join with people throughout the world in their own prayer and praise of God's presence throughout the world.
I thank God that Taizé has become such a worldwide ministry of the Church, embracing an ecumenical perspective and offering Good News to all people. Thank God for bringing hope and love to birth in the hearts of the many diverse people who come each Sunday evening to join with us in prayer.

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Fr. Terry Steig
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