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Yalile Alpizar  and Andrea Guillen

Italian style, flavor and aroma, served at your table


In this delivery we are showcasing a few luxury properties with the unique touch of Italy.  In working with clients from different parts of the world, we have found a preference for the warm and welcoming Italian style.  Clients who have traveled throughout Italy are captured by its classical architecture and the attractive Old World European charm .  But when we talk about the aroma and flavor of Italy, we have to talk about its wineries.


The majority of wineries in Italy are medium to small-scale producers. These wineries are usually family-owned and operated enterprises.  We recently met a client who owns a winery in Italy and to our surprise, is bringing this exclusive wine to Costa Rica.  Moscone is a very high quality wine producer from the Piemonte region. The wine-making tradition of Fratelli Moscone traces back to 1877. They own 18 hectares of vineyards in the most outstanding areas of Monforte d'Alba, five of which in the renowned Bussia cru. The peculiar exposure of the vineyards, typical of Monforte d'Alba, reaches the higher expression in the crus of property. Wine-making and fining are performed in two characteristic Langa farms, where tradition and innovation are firmly bounded.The exclusive balance of elegance and character of Moscone wines comes from both centuries of skilful wine-making techniques knowledge and the newest winery facilities. This is supported by the expertise of Dr. Donato Lanati, esteemed consultant, teacher of Oenological Technology at Turin University and founder of the distinguished research centre called "Enosis Meraviglia". 


Moscone Wines cannot be found at the stores.  They are found only in the finest restaurants and five star hotels, but  thanks to this article, you can buy it directly from their bodega in San Pedro or order the wine to be specially home delivered.  If you are planning a trip to Italy, you can schedule a personal tour to their vineyard! The following is their contact details:


San Pedro Montes de Oca

300 metros este de "MasXMenos"

San Jose , Costa Rica

Corporación Nostro Piemonte,S.A.

Tel: 2234-8485 / 2281-1494

Fax: 2281-1491

San José, Costa Rica. 

 Italian Style Luxury Villas in Costa Rica

The fabulous estate provides dramatic sunsets, mountain and city views,  featuring in the inside an impressive array of interior spaces.  The formal living room with fireplace and high cathedral ceilings, provides an exceptional space for grand gatherings, opening to the terraces to admire the views.   Read More

Located in an exclusive gated community, this villa was built by a local architect on classical Italian style, in accordance with up-to-date anti seismic techniques well above Costa Rican Standard. The roof - crowned by an Italian campanile - is made of terracotta tiles over a European "canalite" under roof which guarantees maximum water tightness.  The house is built on three levels with a total area of 970 m2. The well landscaped 10000 m2 garden, with four magnificent old Guanacaste trees, coffee plantation, fruit trees and flower beds, is surrounded by walls and fences. Read More

Open the door to sustainable living in this unique property located in one of the most beautiful areas of Atenas, the area of Santa Eulalia, where you will have all kinds of vegetables, corn, coffee, mangoes, grapefruit, guayaba, oranges, lemons, tangerines, bananas, avocados, etc, all year round.    Improve your quality of life by enjoying your own organic food, fresh clean air, solar heating system, your own pure water well at 97 meters deep with several water reservoirs, and one of the best climates of the world.  The property has a large variety of palm trees and mature trees of different exotic species.   Read More


Contact us for any additional information. Our database includes also a unique inventory of private listings that are not advertised online.  If you don´t find what you are looking for in our websites, let us know and we will be ready to assist you in whatever is possible, based on our experience and knowledge of the local market.   We will also be ready to list your luxury property, call for an appointment.




Yalile Alpizar and Andrea Guillen
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The Wines
Made up with Arneis grapes grown in vineyards located in the Roero area 
Tasting notes
Appearance: straw yellow with greenish reflexes.
Bouquet: intriguing, pleasant, delicate bouquet reminding notes of pear, chamomile and honey. 
Taste: to the palate it is fresh, mineral, savory, harmonious and herbaceous with a lingering bitters aftertaste. 
Food pairing
Ideal for aperitifs, smoked salmon and cheese appetizers, roasted chicken, fried fish, pasta dressed with vegetables or egg sauces and spicy Oriental dishes.  Learn more.
Made up with Dolcetto grapes grown in vineyards located in Monforte d'Alba.  Dolcetto is the indigenous grape variety par excellence of the Langhe region. In reason, it is considered "the friendship's wine", to be drunk up by goblets heart-to-heart. Thanks to the remarkable soils from Monforte d'Alba, Dolcetto d'Alba is extremely juicy and pleasantly fruity, yet full-bodied. It is a versatile wine, to be swallowed when it is young in order to get all its crispness.  Food pairing:
this wine perfectly matches with grilled fish served with rich sauces, chicken, turkey, duck, roasted or lightly fried red meat, hamburgers, pork chops, pastas, pizzas as well as young and soft cheeses. 
Made up with Barbera grapes grown in vineyards located in Monforte d'Alba.  Barbera d'Alba is a complex wine, full bodied, endowed with a charming freshness and a lingering aftertaste. 
Tasting notes
Appearance: intense ruby red 
Bouquet: perfumed and charming, with her intense and typical intriguing notes of red berries, violet and plum. 
Taste: well-balanced, mouth-filling and pleasantly dry. Her crisp acidity perfectly matches with a unique fruity lingering aftertaste.
Food pairing: Ideal with fresh egg pastas dressed with rich sauces, the typical Piedmont-style assortment of boiled meats, anchovies with parsley dressing, mature cheeses and fresh peaches.  Learn more. 
Made up with Nebbiolo grapes grown in vineyards located in Monforte d'Alba.   Nebbiolo, which means "vine from the mists", is for sure the most representative and eclectic grape variety of Piedmont. Thanks to the poor and hard soils of Monforte d'Alba, we can get a wine of incomparable elegance, complexity and texture; endowed with a great ageing potential.
Food pairing
The wine for roasted or stewed meats and game in general. Nebbiolo perfectly matches with risottos, polenta and gnocchi dressed with creamy sauces or ragù, starters with salamis and liver paté. Ideal companion for hard and blue cheeses. Learn more.
15 giornate
Made up with Nebbiolo grapes grown in vineyards located in Monforte d'Alba and in particular in the almost 6 hectares (15 giornate) of the Bussia cru. Away back in 1877, Giacinto Moscone skilfully selected the best vineyards from Monforte d'Alba to make new implants of Nebbiolo vines to produce Barolo.

Food pairing:Being a complex and powerful wine, it harmonizes with lengthily stewed red meats such as Brasato al Barolo, wild boar or lamb courses and risotto al Barolo dressed with cheese fondue and truffles. It is excellent with bitter chocolate and enjoyed on its own as meditation wine.  Learn More.
Moscone Brothers, innovative and appealing line that represents a selection of wines made from indigenous grapes, vinified by winemaker himself, in the area of production of grapes: the tiny beautiful village of Monforte d'Alba.The exclusive balance of elegance and character of Moscone wines comes from both centuries of skillful wine-making techniques knowledge and the newest winery facilities.    Learn More .
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We are actively looking for luxury homes for rent to top level executives from multinational companies and embassies.  Budget from $1,500 up to $12,000 a month.


Also, luxury homes for sale in Escazu, Santa, Heredia hills, Atenas, Guacima,  and the Pacific Coast, with budget above $1 million, for foreign families looking to relocate to Costa Rica this year.

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