7 February 2020

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Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova

Better late than never, the Italian government will fund a €300 million-plan to fight Xylella fastidiosa through eradication, replanting, research and restoration.
Farmers across the country are calling for Federal politicians to step up and take serious climate action, starting with the new Agriculture Minister prioritising the funding and implementation of a national strategy for climate change and agriculture.
The NSW government will be forced to debate whether to expose the identities of “water barons” allegedly secretly profiteering from farmers during the drought by driving up the price of water for irrigation.
This summer's bushfires have taken a huge emotional and financial toll with farmers among the hardest hit. And the flow-on effects are certain to affect all of our grocery bills.
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Fact sheet on foodborne illnesses
OliveCare® Code of Best Practice Administrator Peter McFarlane has pointed us to a new food safety fact sheet of relevance to FOE readers. 
Published by the Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia and New Zealand, the fact sheet focuses on the impact of animals on the risk of foodborne illnesses in the fresh produce sector.
McFarlane said that “While processed olive products (unlike fresh produce) are relatively safe for consumers, the article will be of interest to all producers in regard to managing their potable water supply. As some olive growers are mixed farmers, the article may also be relevant to other crops grown”.
The fact sheet covers the food safety risks associated with both wildlife and intensive animal production and outlines recommended practices for managing the co-existence of animal and crop production.
Click here to access.
It won't tackle global carbon emissions yet, but a new technology from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has found a way to pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere and put it into beer and other beverages. 

Only minimally relevant to olive/oil production (via research into CO2 as a head gas and for processing efficiency) but such a great idea we just had to share it. And environmentally-conscious beer drinkers, you’ve gotta love it!
Got a great ag business idea?
Applications are now open for the Farmers2Founders (F2F) Ideas Program 2020, designed for primary producers with big ideas. Over 12 weeks, F2F provides funding, coaching, and more to support producers to work out if their business idea is worth pursuing, and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to scale industry-changing ventures.
Applications close February 23 – more information and apply here.
National table olive workshops with Linda Costa – registrations closing soon
Following outstanding attendee feedback from her presentations at the 2018 and 2019 National Olive Industry Conferences, South African expert Linda Costa is returning to Australia for a National Table Olive Workshop Tour.
Working with the AOA, Costa will deliver a full day program in all major producing states covering all aspects of table olive production and marketing, from varietal options and processing methods to food safety and consumer demand.
The schedule is shown below and you’ll find more information, including the draft program, on the OliveBiz website  here.
Don’t miss out! Registration for all workshops is now open and numbers for each are limited, so  register now to secure your place.

The National Table Olive Workshops are part of the Olive levy project Australian olive industry communications and extension program (OL18000), funded by Hort Innovation, using the Hort Innovation olive research and development levy, co-investment from the Australian Olive Association and contributions from the Australian Government.
Final Sensory Training Workshops, SA and TAS
Registration is open for the final two TasteBook®/OliveCare® Sensory Training Workshops, being held in TAS on 29 February and SA on 6 March respectively. An opportunity to learn from industry experts and sensory scientists, the workshops will provide participants with a better understanding and appreciation of what goes into producing quality Australian EVOO and table olives, and to learn about sensory evaluation.
The program includes TasteBook® sensory training using EVOO and table olives, olive oil chemistry, freshness testing of EVOO, determining objective best before dates (BBDs) plus so much more.
The cost is $40 inc GST levy payers, $50 inc GST non-levy payers. 
Register for TAS here .
Register for SA here .

Oleotourism in Italy is attracting so much interest that it has been included in the country’s budget for 2020.


Digestive wellness has become a mainstream proposition over the last year or so, with fermented foods that provide live microbes to aid gut health all the rage, yes shortcuts in manufacturing could lead to exacerbated gut issues.

Something to contemplate for those involved in or contemplating table olive production.
Farmers across Spain, organized by the main co-operatives and associations, are protesting for better prices and government measures to help ease the burden of increasing production costs.

and …

The Management Committee for the Common Organisation of the Agricultural Markets, at a meeting held in Brussels, approved the Regulation setting the maximum amount of subsidies for the private storage of olive oil in the third tender.

The International Olive Oil Council (IOC) released its provisional data for the global production of table olives for the 2019/20 crop year, showing a 13.9 percent increase to 2,925,500 tons compared with 2,569,000 tons produced in the 2018/19 season.
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A worker pours olive oil at a traditional factory in Tebourba, 30km from Tunis. (File photo: Reuters)

Tunisia exported nearly 60 thousand tons of olive oil by the end of last January, most of which were sent to European markets, followed by the US, and 60 other countries. The exported quantities will reduce pressure on the local market, which had a large production this season leading to reduced prices, causing protests among oil producers, according to the Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries (UTAP).

Olive growers have largely been spared the fate of wine producers, who are likely to suffer setbacks from the Kincade fire that raged through Sonoma county late last year.
Image: Cobram Estate 

There’s a mystery behind extra virgin olive oil and it’s health benefits. Not much is known about the incredible cooking oil. It’s got the power to benefit your health in a million different ways. It can also make a dish a million times more appetizing.

We love reading articles which provide consumers with the real facts around EVOO – especially with such tempting images! Great work, Cobram Estate!
What's On

9-12 February
World Congress on Oils & Fats – Sydney, Australia

19 February
National Table Olive Workshop - Launceston, TAS

21 February
National Table Olive Workshop - Melbourne, VIC

23 February
National Table Olive Workshop - Adelaide, SA

25 February
National Table Olive Workshop - Hunter Valley, NSW

27 February
National Table Olive Workshop - ACT, NSW

29 February 
TasteBook™/OliveCare® workshop – Campbell Town TAS

1 March
National Table Olive Workshop – Perth, WA

6 March 
TasteBook™/OliveCare® workshop – University Adelaide Waite Campus SA

April, dates TBC
AOA Processing Workshop – Boort, VIC

14-15 April 
Olives NZ Processing Practices Course – Auckland, NZ

15 April 
Olives NZ Judging EVOO and Flavoured Oils Course – Auckland, NZ 

23-25 April
2020 London International Olive oil Competitions – London, UK

2020 NYIOOC – New York, USA

18 May
Registration closes, EVO IOOC 2020 – Palmi, Italy

15-17 June
Hort Connections – Brisbane, Qld

20 June 20
Winners announced, Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition – LA, USA

September TBA
World Team Tasting Championship

11 September 
Entries close, 2020 Hunter Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW

16-18 October
AOA National Olive Conference & Trade Exhibition – Devonport, TAS

22 October
Awards Presentation, 2020 Hunter Olive Show – Hunter Valley, NSW

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