6 March 2020

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A broad and complex new law proposed by the Italian government and sent to Parliament for approval is aimed at fighting frauds in the agriculture product chain.

Criminal penalties, with olive oil one of the major target products!
Coronavirus unlikely to be passed on through fresh produce
Food safety is a shared responsibility, so this information is important for all in the food production industry, particularly those olive growers with additional horticultural crops.
Key points: Coronavirus is unlikely to be passed on through fresh produce; Coronavirus may survive up to three hours on dry inanimate surfaces, and several hours on hands, tissues, and other surfaces, although this depends on the nature of the surface, environmental conditions etc; Reduce the risk of transmission by strictly following good personal hygiene practices along with good agricultural practices.
Read more here.
Having been part of the evolving wellbeing conversation for a number of years now, I find it very disappointing that we are still hearing the nation’s leaders question whether wellbeing makes economic sense.

This blog from the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre is well worth reading – and relevant to us all.

The National Irrigators’ Council has called on the Senate and Federal Government to ignore the bulk of water users’ calls to oust speculators from the Murray Darling Basin’s temporary water markets. 
From cave drawings by our Neanderthal ancestors 30,000 years ago, to Instagram Stories featuring Sunday morning jogs and #smashedavo, humans have been sharing stories since our time on this earth began.

Keeping you up with new marketing trends …
Theo and Matt are both SELLING OLIVE EQUIPMENT and they’re letting olive producers know through the OliveBiz Classifieds
Your circumstances have changed and you’ve got equipment you no longer need but there’s undoubtedly another producer out there for whom it would be ideal. Let them know about it through the Olivebiz Classifieds – THE intra-industry way to sell, buy and source. If you’ve got something industry-related to sell, our online Classifieds service is an easy and inexpensive solution to advertise your unwanted equipment, extra oil or even your grove – like Theo, who has production and warehouse equipment for sale, and Matt, who’s selling a large OFM olive sorting machine. And if there’s something you’re looking for, it’s the ideal way to get the message out loud and clear to your peers and industry. 
Olivebiz Classifieds cost just $40 for AOA members ($100 for non-members), including a text ad and link through to either your web page or images hosted on our site. And you don’t need to be a tech-head: just send us your info and we’ll post it up for you.
Olivebiz Classifieds are online now at www.olivebiz.com.au/classifieds. To arrange a listing, contact Gerri at editor@olivegrower.com.au.
Cobram Estate launches Health Professional Challenge
Continuing its outstanding promotion of the health benefits of EVOO consumption, Cobram Estate has issued a challenge to health professionals as part of a campaign to help Australians meet recommended volumes of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 
Providing scientific evidence to back the recommendations, the call is for health professionals to encourage clients to eat at least 2-3 tablespoons (~45ml) of EVOO daily for the month of March. The message is clear and simple: swap in Extra Virgin Olive Oil in place of other oils and taste the difference!
A great initiative - and a message we should all be spreading Everyday!
New annualised salary requirements take effect

As part of the four-yearly review of modern awards, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has handed down a decision which will impact employers paying annualised salaries to employees covered by a modern award with an annualised salary clause.
The new terms will also be inserted into three modern awards which have not previously had an annualised salary, including the Horticulture Award 2010, MA000023.
Find out more here.
Organoleptic assessment of virgin olive oil scholarships, University of Jaén, 2020

As part of its technical co-operation and training program for 2020, the International Olive Council plans to award 25 scholarships for the university specialisation course in the organoleptic assessment of virgin olive oil (university expert diploma) taught at the University of Jaén (Spain).
Find out more here.
2020 AOA Olive Oil Processing Workshop
Thursday 16 – Saturday 18 April, Boort Resource & Information Centre and Salute Oliva, VIC 
Returning in 2020 due to huge demand, the course covers every aspect of processing quality olive oil, from grove management for optimal fruit quality to best-practice processing and storage. Along the way you’ll learn a lot about olive oil chemistry, and the practical aspects of oil extraction, with time to find out the answers to the many of the “why did/does that happen to my oil?” questions, you’ve always wanted to ask.
Meet the experts and learn industry secrets
This highly-acclaimed and comprehensive program will be delivered by international master miller Pablo Canamasas and 2019 AIOA Best of Show winners Peter and Marlies Eicher of Salute Oliva. 
Cost:  Members & levy payers: $250 inc GST, Others $340 inc GST
More information and  register here  or contact Liz Bouzoudis at,  secretariat@australianolives.com.au  - 0478 606 145 for more details.
Registrations close 9 April 2020 and places are limited – don’t miss out!
Stay on for the “Healthy Soils - Healthy and Productive Groves” Field Day
Value-add your visit to Boort and stay on for the AOA “Healthy Soils - Healthy and Productive Groves” field day on Sunday 19 April, one of a regional series being held in NSW, VIC, SA, WA, QLD and TAS.
Highlighting the role and management of healthy soils in producing healthy trees and lifting grove productivity, the field days will feature soil expert John Barton* building on his highly acclaimed 2019 National Olive Conference presentation, “The Importance of Soil Carbon”. John will also demonstrate how to make compost and how to incorporate compost into soil.  
The Hort levy R&D Remote Sensing Project Team will share their knowledge on “the application of remote sensing to the management of olives groves”, including monitoring tree health; and a panel of specialist service providers will demonstrate a range of the latest technology to monitor, test, and measure vital soil parameters, and tree health.  
*Andy Gulliver of C-Wise will be presenting in place of John Barton in WA 
Cost:  Members & levy payers: $40 inc GST, Others $50 inc GST .
More information and  register here  or contact Liz Bouzoudis at,  secretariat@australianolives.com.au  - 0478 606 145 for more details.
Note: a separate ticket is required for each of the Boort workshops.

These projects have been funded by Hort Innovation, using the Hort Innovation olive research and development levy, co-investment from the Australian Olive Association and contributions from the Australian Government.
If, at this very moment, you’re hoarding a bottle of olive oil in your pantry, only breaking it out once in a while for a drizzle here and a drip there, I kindly ask you to use it less sparingly.
The message is: new season’s olive oil is fresh and it’s the best, so don’t keep it, use it copiously. We really hope this site has lots and lots (and lots) of readers.

With an increase in the area under cultivation, Pakistan is passing through a silent revolution of olive oil production. The sector is rapidly moving the country towards self-reliance by introducing Pakistan’s national brand under the name of ‘PakOlive’ by 2021.

The fourth and final stage of the tendering scheme applied by the E.U. to rebalance its olive oil sector concluded yesterday, achieving the withdrawal of another 41,600 tons of olive oil from the European market.
02-Mar-2020 By James Ridler

Small pieces of metal, undeclared allergens and incorrect date labelling have all sparked recalls by food and drink manufacturers in the past week.
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Bayer says it will open laboratory studies of new pesticides to outside observers. The initiative comes as the company seeks to become more transparent and curry favor with the general public amid mounting legal challenges.

The “beertini,” also known to many as a Dirty PBR, is a Midwest classic combining cheap light beer and green olives. It’s not as gross as it sounds. The brine from olives cuts the metallic taste of mass-canned beers and adds flavor to lagers that are otherwise bland and watery. Plus, it’s nice to have a snack at the end of your drink.  

If just a fraction of Australian beer drinkers got a taste for this, our table olive industry would go gangbusters!

Research on the antibacterial activity of olive varieties grown in southern Italy shows promise for natural treatments against E. coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Alex Manzara’s normal routine involves helping clients prepare for what’s coming next in markets. This week, however, the veteran derivatives broker at R.J. O’Brien & Associates found himself making a different kind of calculation: how much food to stockpile in case the swiftly spreading coronavirus triggers a run on Chicago-area grocery stores like it has in Hong Kong and Italy.

The next line is why we included this … we wish everyone used that much olive oil in three weeks! 
The Queen Creek Olive Mill draws customers from East Mesa and throughout the Valley with its award-winning olive oil and a restaurant serving novel dishes. 

Peter Rea, wearing a flannel shirt, vest, jeans, and boots, enjoys greeting visitors at his Queen Creek Olive Mill. “Really, we’re farmers,” he said as he welcomed customers near an aisle full of bottles of extra-virgin olive oil and vinegar. 

A great example of value-adding for viability.
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AOA Healthy Soils – Healthy & Productive Groves Field Day – Boort, VIC

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