Hey Beautiful People!

The last few months have been beautiful and exhausting for Urban Triage and our staff. We've been so busy--from events to an audit--which has been traumatic--I'm laughing out loud, and this audit has been intense. It's our first federal-level audit, and I found out so much---whoah...my bad, I digress.

We've hosted multiple events and launched two new initiatives. Our Thoreau student and parent Healthy Black Families workgroup and our Homeless Youth Transitional Housing facility--which we haven't officially announced--and yet here I am.

We've supported community members from police raids to family deaths and the loss of newborn babies--to incarceration and domestic violence--to school advocacy and housing multiple families. Our work is in our name: we are Urban Triage--the place people come to when they're sick, lost, hysterical, uncertain, and in need of any and everything.

The work we do, on the level we do, is a miracle. We could NOT do what we do without the heart work of our staff. Their commitment to the work is extraordinary. They show up every day, and they show out--every day. And, of course, as the Founder and CEO of Urban Triage, I will accept nothing less than Black excellence. It's more than an expectation--it's a way of Being.

Last week we celebrated the premiere of Black Panther. And I kept thinking, look at all these beautiful Black people--coming as they are in celebration of their greatness. Black Panther created and imagined an African community that colonization has not touched. It explores "what liberation looks like in the hands of Black people." We celebrated the possibility of "Black as we are," and it was a wonderful experience. Check out the photos below.

We've hired a Chief of Operations, a Chief of Development (we'll announce her next month), a Bilingual Navigation Specialist, and a New Office Manager--because our previous one has accepted my ask for her to be my new Executive Assistant. My Executive Assistant will become our Youth Engagement Specialist. As said, there's been a lot happening. Good things. Exciting things. Exhausting things.

The fact is...we need you to continue the work. We need you to donate.

Why do we need your financial support?

Dane CORE 2.0 will end in a few months, and our other restricted funding is ending in May 2023. Some donors stopped donating, I'm sure, for personal reasons, and some people don't think we need it. Some folks believe we're "not in the middle of a crisis." I get it. And, we've been so busy working and recruiting to increase our capacity that we didn't do what we needed to do: donor cultivation—calling people and following up when they stop donating—hosting events that target donors and engage them. It's cost us big time.

As we practice doing more for our donors and onboarding our Chief of Development, whose job is to coordinate our efforts, my ask of you is if you believe in our work, if you know what we're up against as a Black lead organization--if we've ever touched your life, showed up for you in any way--if we've hired you, done business with you, educated you, etc.--become a recurring donor. Give what you can monthly. If it's $5, give it. It matters. Support us as we continue to fill the gaps in services. Support us as we embark on an initiative that can and will change the trajectory of vulnerable youth in Dane County.

Join us by supporting the sustainability of an organization that doesn't just talk about it; we are about it. Donate below and check out our updates.

It's that time of year yall. This year Giving Tuesday is on November 29, 2022. Giving Tuesday is a national day of giving. Last year we raised $50,000 for program expenses because of you. This year we want to double that for our Youth Transitional Housing Facility. It will be the 1st of its kind in Dane County. Learn more below!
We had a good time at our 1st Environmental Justice Community Engagement Session, with great dialogue surrounding improving energy costs and efficiency, climate control, and much more within our Madison community!
Participants spent 5 hours with us answering questions and having discussions, with catered lunch, and at the end, each participant received a $100 gift card for their time spent with us.
Special thank you to UW Madison for sponsoring this event, and a special thank you to Kathy Kurtz, the Director at the Office of Energy & Climate Change. We would also like to give a special thank you to participants for their time and honest and open discussions!
We had a great time at our Black Panther event and all-white party! Urban Triage squad did an amazing job! We SOLD OUT, and the movie was amazing. Everyone showed up and showed out in their all-white fits. DJ Pain 1 came through on the 1's and 2's, and we awarded the best dressed a $200 gift card! Everyone had a great time kicking it and celebrating what Wakanda represents for people known as Black!

To see more pictures, click the button below!
We've supported thousands of individuals and families over the last two years through our Unhoused Neighbors Initiative, outreach & community engagement work, workgroups, advocacy, and Dane CORE 2.0 program. We've distributed over $18 million in resources over the last year. Our staff is walking the walk. We're walking the work. Support the work, and become a recurring donor.
We want to acknowledge Sharmecia Brown, our Operations Manager, for all she does for our organization and staff! She has been not only a Program Manager, Office Support--she's now the Operations Manager and much more. Including being the right-hand person to our Founder/CEO, Brandi Grayson. She ensures she stays on task and helps negotiate and navigate difficult situations. She has the kind of commitment that makes our work doable. She's everywhere and everything to everyone at Urban Triage. We want to thank you, Sharmecia, for everything you do for our organization. Our work wouldn't be possible without you.
We want to acknowledge Olivia Barrow, our shining star volunteer, for her outstanding commitment to supporting Urban Triage! She has volunteered hours and hours of grant writing; she's always responsive, committed, and follows through. She is phenomenal, and we owe her so much! Part of the challenge as a small organization without a Director of Development and with being primarily funded by restricted funding is that we don't have the resources or the capacity to write grants. Co-conspirators and volunteers like Olivia make our work and our reach possible. Thank you, Olivia; we appreciate you!
Did you know that Urban Triage offers Transformative Education, Equity, and Social Justice Consulting? We offer effective leadership strategies and training regarding deep diversity, equity, and social justice issues that are delivered in sessions or workshops. Our consulting services are customized to fit your organizational needs with time for application between each period. Please contact us today to discuss your needs and our offerings.

Below are some of the areas of consulting offered by our organization:
Short- and Long-Term Training & consulting, Individual Coaching, Strategic Planning, Mission Development, and more!
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