Hold onto your dreams -no matter how unrealistic...

A mom asked me how she should tell her 10-year-old son that his dream of playing in the NBA is unrealistic. I asked her why she felt she needed to tell him that. She replied that she wanted to protect him from getting disappointed when he realized that that dream could never come true. I asked her how she knew it could never come true. “Well, he’s white, for one thing, and he’s short for his age for another, and your average toddler is more coordinated.” 

“But would it hurt him to keep believing he might play in the NBA someday?” I asked. “After all, we allow kids to believe in Santa Claus for a long time. We even encourage it.”......
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Dr. Hallowell and Dr. Dodson offer unique advice for folks, especially adults, with ADHD. Listen to the podcast here .

Drs. Hallowell and Dodson unite again in an upcoming ADDitude webinar on October 31. Register now for From Shame and Stigma to Pride and Truth: It’s Time to Celebrate ADHD Differences.

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An ADHD Poem For Those Who Love Us
Take my hand and come with me,
I want to teach you about ADHD.
I need you to know, I want to explain,
I have a very different brain.
Sights, sounds, and thoughts collide.
What to do first? I can’t decide.
Please understand I’m not to blame,
I just can’t process things the same.

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Parenting ADHD

Parenting Your Child Ages 6-12 with ADHD, Group for Education and Support - 8 weeks starting 10/19. Meet at The Hallowell Center Boston MetroWest, from 10:30-12 each Friday.  Find out more and Learn More
Students with ADHD

CollegeCORE Coaching (by phone, Skype or in person) high school upperclassmen and college students canconquer the problems associated with ADHD or Executive Dysfunction. 

EARS - Does your middle, HS or college student need a fresh start? Start the school year off right by managing emotions, problem-solving and working smarter not harder.
After nearly 40 years as a psychiatrist, Edward Hallowell knows exactly why he chose his profession. “Because I come from a crazy family!”

"My family were wonderful people; they were brilliant, funny, eccentric. I wanted to know what had happened to them?"

Read Dr. Hallowell's intimate accounting of growing up in a "Crazy Family" and how he feels he is better for it in the UK Guardian.
ADHD and Time Management
We are all too familiar with the term time management. If you are suffering with this issue just recently or if it has been an issue for years, I am going to ask you to look at time through a new lens. We all have the same amount of time per day in our “time bank account. Twenty-four hours every day. Simple. What are some of the common “time overdraft” traits that are encountered?

Christine L. Robinson, M.Ed. ,  Certified ADHD Coach/ Educational Consultant 212.799.7777
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