May 2022

Celebrate Graduates: Nominate a Graduate of an HVAC program to receive $200 to use towards tools of the trade.

Tell us who you would like to nominate as a deserving HVAC training program graduate, and tell us why they deserve to win.

The Winners will each receive one of our nifty Thermal Mugs stuffed with 2 crisp $100 bills and their Sponsors will also receive a mug with $100!

The TU-130 Basic Refrigeration Training Unit

The TU-130 Basic Refrigeration Training Unit with Water Cooled Condenser demonstrates a light commercial refrigeration system with dual pressure control, digital thermostat and a co-axial, tube-in-tube heat exchanger/ condenser.

With this training unit, course instructors give HVAC/R students hands-on experience with refrigeration systems from the comfort of their classroom, before they go out into the field.

Watch Joey Henderson give an overview of this training unit.

Uncrating iConnect Training Units

Shipping crates are built to protect a new training unit from almost anything their journey might encounter. Please follow the process below to safely uncrate the training unit. You will end up with a lot of top-quality lumber for another building project!
We are always striving to keep our materials up to date with the latest technology, product information and innovations. Our manuals are no different. We have updated technical manuals available now for many of our training units.

If you would like one please email and tell us what training units you own to receive digital or printed copies of the newly updated manuals!
Recruiting the Next Generation

April 29, 2022
Understanding the different generations and what they want from a job or career is critical to hiring the right people and growing your company. Lose the "that's not how I was brought up" attitude.

It’s no secret that the construction industry — and the specialized trades such as HVACR — has had a labor shortage challenge for the last couple of decades. The rate of baby-boomer retirements far outpaces the addition of new workers, partially due to the perception of these “blue-collar” occupations.

The industry must attract 650,000 workers in addition to the “normal pace of hiring in 2022 to meet the demand for labor,” notes a February 2022 report from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) (

“ABC’s 2022 workforce shortage analysis sends a message loud and clear: The construction industry desperately needs qualified, skilled craft professionals to build America,” notes Michael Bellaman, ABC president and CEO. “The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed in November and stimulus from COVID-19 relief will pump billions in new spending into our nation’s most critical infrastructure. Qualified craft professionals are essential to efficiently modernize projects across the country.” 

Attracting younger people to the construction trades has been an uphill battle for the industry as it tries to compete with more “professional” occupations requiring a four-year college degree. Many parents and school counselors still regard college as the only way to a successful career — but construction professionals know differently. 

The ABC report notes that ”based on historical Census Bureau Job-to-Job flow data, an estimated 1.2 million construction workers will leave their jobs to work in other industries in 2022. It is expected that this will be offset by an...
3 more people who completed this survey just won a $500 discount on the fee to attend this training, to be used within 2 years of the drawing.

Dan DeRose - President, Mazza Mechanical, Olean NY
Adam Ruslan Khusniy - Fuse HVAC, Santa Clara CA
Randall Brolat - Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth VA

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