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IT'S A NEW YEAR - And New Beginnings!?

2016! I haven't made the mistake of writing 2015 very much so far - probably because much of my writing is on electronic devices and they do it right for me. 

How about you?

How about new things, attitudes or practices in the New Year? What's that like for you? I've started a new series in my personal study. I've renewed my commitment to a continued healthy lifestyle. How about you? And how is it going?

Its interesting that as I write this I've just reviewed (at their request) two groups that members of our staff are leading this week to encourage renewal and new beginnings.

Tracy Kristoff is leading a Clergy Group on the subject of "Discernment and God's Will." I noted in her presentation  "Discernment is the move from 'what do I want' to 'what does God want for me/us in this situation." And the reminder affirmation "How have you seen God's plan unfold in your life situations?" As well as the power of "Wait" and "Trust" and "Its all God's grace." I am looking forward to this time of discernment in renewal and new beginnings in the New Year.

Liz Yantorni and I are also leading a group of Older Adults with the theme "Personal Values." Liz designed this session around the idea of the relationship between identifying values and setting goals for the New Year. "How to Get What you Want from the New Year" and "What personal value do you hope to increase or focus on in the new year?"

I've been reminded once again as I prepare to lead a number of workshops on "Transitions" and as I encounter changes in my life and our organization that there are "Endings" and there are "New Beginnings" but in between those two is also a time of confusion and maybe distress as well as "wilderness wanderings." Its in the wilderness that we grow and learn and are strengthened for the journey.

This year we plan for this newsletter to come to you monthly. Various staff and Board members will contribute their thoughts to you. I will jump into this process from time to time as well. We hope to offer helps for your life journey through this time in this year. We welcome your feed back and input along the way.

Thank you for your partnership. Blessings to you in this New Year!  

-Dr. Rick Armstrong  
Executive Director
A warm LCS Welcome to our new Leadership Coach and Consultant, Scott Gress. To learn more about Scott read his bio on our webpage. 

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LCS in the Community
  • In January, February and March Dr. Armstrong will be leading congregational workshops on Transitions as well as patterns and practices for healthy congregations. 
  • Dr. Armstrong will attend the Southern District Pastor's Conference January 19-20
  • Scott Gress will be installed in his new role at LCS at Prince of Peace on January 17th at Prince of Peace
  • Megan Miessler attending Wheatridge Conference January 20-22
  • School Workers Workshop at Holy Cross Academy on March 2nd
  • Saturday, February 27th - LCS Paint Nite at Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church

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A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our donors who made this passed year so successful. We are grateful for your partnership and support as you celebrated with us 25 years of Ministry in 2015. 

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