This weekend I received no less than FIVE mailers against the convention center hotel.  That's at least $45,000 worth of mailers, but WHO IS BEHIND IT?

By not filing financial reports, the PACs conceal who their donors are.  

Meanwhile, numerous respected leaders (see list below) are more than willing to put their names and reputations on the line to  support  the hotel referendum.

As someone who was the target of false attacks last Fall, it outrages me that opponents of the convention center hotel have resorted to lies in order to manipulate your vote.  Mailers are littered with lies and scare tactics, even invoking Donald Trump in the final days of the Election somehow associating Donald Trump to the convention center hotel. We know that the opponents are desperate to stop the progress we continue to make in Miami Beach, but lying to your constituency lacks integrity.

One attack PAC mailer features former Mayor Matti Bower, who ironically wanted taxpayers to fund $100s of millions of dollars for the convention center hotel as part of a giant development project that totaled well over $1 Billion.  Mayor Bower and the prior Commission did not prohibit a future casino in their deal and required the city to transfer over 50 acres of our most valuable land to a third party developer.  By the way, their deal also included an 800-room hotel.  Now Mayor Bower suddenly does not support the convention center hotel?  Why, when the City now keeps the land, and this time the City isn't funding the hotel in any way?

Don't let them make this referendum about politics, when it is truly about our future. 
Don’t allow them to lie to you – get the facts!

I voted  YES for the new Convention Center Hotel because:

(1) It will be 100%  privately funded; Miami Beach residents won’t pay a cent for the project.

(2) The hotel  footprint is minimal, and we gain a  6-acre park on Meridian Avenue.

(3) This plan provides a clear prohibition against a casino at this hotel, a key component the ex-administration refused to guard against.

(4) An attached hotel is absolutely  necessary for our economy as exemplified by currently booked conferences American Society for Therapeutic Radiation Oncology, American Academy of Dermatology, American Association of Orthodontists, and International Association of Chiefs of Police requiring a combined 45,000 rooms that have exit clauses should we not approve the hotel.  Those are exactly the type of attendees we want to convert to, that will come for several days and spend a lot of money while they are here.

(5) The many  public benefits that lease and bed tax revenues will deliver to our community (education, transit, flooding, undergrounding utilities).

That’s the truth. 
I hope you join me and the multitude of community leaders and activists in support of this great deal for our City’s future prosperity and quality of life.

In service, 
Commissioner John Aleman

In the words of Norman Braman and Bob Goodman of Art Basel: “It’s the best deal for Miami Beach in its 100 year history.”

Supporters include:

Dan Gelber – Former State Senator

Michael S. Goldberg - Chairman of the Board, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce

Nancy Liebman – Former City Commissioner & Preservationist

Jerry Libbin – Former City Commissioner & President, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce

Bill Talbert – President & CEO, Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

Liliam Lopez – President & CEO, South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Steve Adkins – President, Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Wendy Kallergis – President & CEO, Greater Miami & the Beaches Hotel Association

Ileana Bravo – Miami Beach Resident, Journalist and Community Leader 

Noah Horowitz – Art Basel

Norman Braman – Community Leader

Philip Levine - Mayor, Miami Beach

Joy Malakoff - Commissioner, Miami Beach

Michael Grieco - Commissioner, Miami Beach

Micky Steinberg - Commissioner, Miami Beach

Ricky Arriola - Commissioner, Miami Beach

The Miami Herald

Collins Park Neighborhood Association 

Miami Beach Convention Center Advisory Board

Miami Beach Visitor & Convention Authority 

UNITE Here, Local 355

Lincoln Road Business Improvement District (BID)

Normandy Shores Homeowners Association

Greater Miami and the Beaches Hotel Association 

Moving Miami Beach Forward Together!
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