April 29, 2020
Wednesday Story
Greetings! We are back with another story to share with you on this lovely Wednesday.

Our story today features Sabrina Melendez who resides in La Sabana, Rio Tinto with her bedridden mother, Valentina. Sabrina supports and cares for her mother, however due to her medical condition she is unable to do it alone. Predisan has stepped in to provide much needed access to healthcare for Valentina. She is now able to receive her treatment when staff come to do their home visit with her.

"I thank God and Predisan because they come to check on my mother who is sick in bed. They have the good will to come to visit, I thank them and I hope they come back, to all who come, Thank you for not forgetting us." said Sabrina.
We are so blessed to have the resources that provide our team with the ability to see patients in their homes in remote areas of Olancho. This would not be possible without support from you. We are grateful to you for seeing the need and answering the call to action.
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