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ItsNotOK?! Creating Harassment Free Workspaces Conference Wrap-Up
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On the 14th and 15th October 2019, LeadWomen was honoured to be joined by Champions of Change and Change Makers to discuss probably one of the most sensitive yet critical and deep-rooted problem in workplace -
harassment, bullying and discrimination!
Key Highlights
ItsNotOK?! Immersive Xperience
The conference was successfully kicked off through a unique immersive experience by bringing alive different types of workplace harassment. This novel yet extremely exhilarating opening that was co-produced with our experts had allowed everyone to come together to a moment of self-reflection revolving the highlighted issues while encouraging co-creation of solutions towards a harassment-free workplace.
The conference then proceeded with a keynote by Patti Perez from Emtrain titled: "The Drama Free Workplace". During the 'Engaging with the Experts' sessions, participants were able to engage with the Co-Creators Betty Yeoh, an independent trainer, Animah Kosai from Speak Up and Philip Ling from Digi Telecommunications.
Experiential Workshop
Day 2 was a full day programme targeted at Change Makers: Senior Management and Heads of Department such as HR, Legal and Compliance. The afternoon consisted of a hands-on workshop which delved into the roles and responsibilities of 4 key stakeholders: 1. The TARGET, 2. The OBSERVERS, 3. HR and 4. The Organisation. 
Our Partners
Thank you to all of our conference partners who came on-board with us
to help making this year's conference a success.
Conference experience
How did participants rate the overall experience?

‘‘ I felt very honoured to have been selected to be part of the conference. It was truly an eye-opening experience – now I know that harassment itself is a very broad topic – from gender to language, races to cyber harassment. The session was very informative yet engaging. You all have thought and inspired me to speak up and voice out. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. 
Understanding on workplace harassment
Day 1 How did Champions of Change rate their level of understanding on harassment of workplace?
Day 2 – How did Change Makers rate their level of understanding on
harassment of workplace?
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