November seems to be the perfect month to start cultivating the habit of being grateful. It is not only a more satisfying way of thinking and feeling, but now scientifically proven to be beneficial for our brain and overall health level.
6 Physical Health Benefits of Gratitude:

1. Better sleep
2. Reduced anxiety and depression
3. Better mood and less fatigue
4. Improved immune system
5. Improved brain function – dopamine released in the brain which is a pleasure and well being hormone.
6. Less body pains and aches
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5 Psychological Benefits of Gratitude:

1. Positive emotions and thoughts, which can create a new reality for us when turned into a regular habit.
2. Happier you!
3. Deeper life fulfillment when we focused on what IS and what we have vs what is NOT or what we do not have.
4. Increased awareness and consciousness level
5. We are changing our own energy level and vibration with Gratitude!
3 Steps to become more Grateful and make it a habit:

1. Keep a daily journal writing at least 3 things you are grateful for. The best way to do it is in the morning or in the evening. I have done it for years and it changed my life!
2. Out loud or in any way you can, Say what you appreciate about people in your life . By doing so, you contribute to making yourself and them happy.
3. And maybe the most important one, Value and appreciate yourself . We all have a tendency to beat ourselves up for many things. Start appreciating yourself, your qualities and your body. Your body is a beautiful instrument that is carrying you thought this life, lets appreciate everything it is doing for us automatically. Do you have to think about circulating your blood in your system or digesting your food?

Our body, and those close to us, deserve to be celebrated with gratitude and love!  
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