Before and After MFR
To those of you who have received myofascial release (MFR) you know that each session starts with postural, standing assessment of your body. Many symptoms are the result of constricted fascial systems best visible in standing position as mostly we function where gravity plays a big role. 
This lovely client of mine in our pictures came initially to me due to having pain, feeling exhausted most of the time but mainly feeling emotionally down and depressed with her body alignment. After a fall and hip transplant a few years ago, her body slowly started to bend forward and twist following strong fascial restrictions that were developing in her system. Imagine powerful cables that start internally becoming shorter and move your whole framework out of its optimal alignment. That will produce pain and you will feel exhausted as you try to work against your own body restricted system. It is like trying to get out of the straight jacket that is put on you. It will only exhaust and frustrate you. 
Many people who have been suffering from chronic and debilitating pain and limited function may not have such a dramatic change in the posture that are visible to them. However, internally there is significant tension in certain parts of the body that is putting various amount of pressure producing symptoms and discomfort. 
Can you sense how the pictures before MFR present that the body is not at ease, that it is struggling just to maintain the standing up posture?
Now imagine trying to do more like walking or simply doing the activities of daily life? 
After several MFR sessions the body looks more at ease, much less effort is needed to just simple stand. This lady told me that she feels 100% mentally and emotionally better seeing how different she looks and feeling so much more comfortable in her own body. 
You may feel different chronic physical sensations and symptoms. Usually the main reason is restricted fascia that produces unease and internal struggle. MFR works well when we are open to and curious about different, new ways of looking at ourselves and applying tools and principals that are not conventional. 
If mainstream medicine or physical therapy did not produce your desired outcome, wouldn't you try something new?

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