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Today is a special day ....
The " Ultimate Guide to 25 Self Healing - Techniques" book arrived... Just 5 weeks ago it was an idea in Laura Di Franco 's mind and now this book is published and an Amazon #1 international best seller in chronic pain.

I had the privilege of being a co-author of one of the chapters in this book which I wrote about Myofascial Release. I want to congratulate all 25 co-authors who contributed to the production of this book!

Please take 2 minutes to watch this lovely video. Music Credits: The Three Gunas (497.9Hz) ©️2020 Listening to Smile Ian Morris.

Health, emotional well-being and happiness go so much hand in hand. Change your emotional vibration and you change everything including your health.

The new paradigm is already here!
If you are interested in purchasing a personally autographed book from me, click on this link .
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