" This is a very, very exciting time for us to live as we are entering an expanded paradigm of mind-body medicine"

Most of you on this email list know me, possibly read a few of my BLOGs, and  have benefited from my understanding of the mind-body connection during therapy. Those of you who have embraced mindfulness have commonly reduced your pain and rejected suffering.
In June's BLOG I addressed  Our-potential-for-self-awareness, and in May I advised to  Let-go-of-pain and in April discussed our  Quest-for-the-truth. These were important BLOG topics, each with their own merit, but now we stand on the edge of a Paradigm Shift. What used to be an understanding of illness as strictly cause and effect has grown to changing our way of thinking to affecting the cause through an appreciation of the oneness of the body and mind.
As humans, we are very comfortable with the known and familiar. New information that throughout our history, enters the mainstream, is initially resisted, criticized, and condemned until later, when it is fully understood, accepted as the truth, and a new set of rules is established, creating a new view on reality.
Galileo and Copernicus proved that the earth is not the center of the Universe, but is orbiting around Sun, that new information was not trusted and heavily condemned. It took over 200 years until that truth was fully accepted by people and considered a fact. Can you imagine thinking now that the earth is flat? Nobody would think that today . . .
It feels very antiquated to us now, but at some point, in our history, a flat earth was the perceived truth. Both Copernicus and Galileo were ahead of their time. They helped to shift our awareness to a new reality, it was a paradigm shift from a certain view of the Universe to a new, expanded view of how things really are.
Our predominant model of reality of medicine, our physical body, disease, and aging is based on 17th-centery science. Most medical and dental schools are based on the science, that views physical body as a mindless machine that is composed of chemicals, tissues, organs, and systems, genes that are destined for disease and illness and not influenced by the power of thoughts and feelings.  Why is that?
Two famous people started shaping our current Western model of reality in the 17th- century. One of them was French mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes, who invented the mind-body split.  He started the belief system that imposed the duality between the concepts of mind and matter. The second one is Sir Isaac Newton, English mathematician and scientist, who not only solidified the concept of the Universe as a machine, but he also produced a set of laws starting that human beings could precisely determine, calculate and predict how the orderly ways in which the physical world, and the physical body would operate.
About 200 years after Newton, Albert Einstein produced his famous equation E=mc2, demonstrating that energy (which are our though, feelings, and beliefs) and matter (our physical body) are so fundamentally related that they are one and the same. It was over 100 years ago that Einstein's work proved that matter (our body) and energy (our thoughts, feelings, beliefs) are completely interchangeable. Einstein was also ahead of his time, with his work and further research becoming more and more understood, bringing us to the edge of an expanded Paradigm Shift.
The last 20-30 years of research by new bright scientists in the fields of neuroscience, neurophysiology, epigenetics, quantum physics, brain chemistry proves to us that atoms (the very building blocks of our bodies) are mostly empty space; that atoms are energy, and we are built of atoms. Everything that we perceive physical in our life (our body, objects, trees, flowers, animals), is not just solid matter - rather, each is a field of energy or frequency, patterns of information.
This is a very, very exciting time for us to live as we are entering an expanded paradigm of mind-body medicine, where we are NOT just victims of our genes or heredity, when we can learn new ways of thinking, being and feeling to create a new body and reality for ourselves.
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